Embedded Computing Design: Striim’s Real-Time Streaming Data Integration Now Available for Microsoft Azure Services

Based on our press release highlighting the Striim platform’s availability in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Brandon Lewis of Embedded Computing Design posted a great piece summarizing the key components of the news. Along with Striim’s ability to collect data from a variety of sources in real time, including legacy databases, messaging systems, and log files, the platform is also able to pre-process the data before it lands on disk so that organizations can make operational decisions in a timely manner. The piece also highlights the Azure environments that Striim supports.

Read the post on Embedded Computing Design, “Striim’s Real-Time Streaming Data Integration Now Available for Microsoft Azure Services.”

Forbes: Real-Time Data is for Much More Than Analytics

As the world moves faster and organizations need to gain insights from their data to remain competitive, the concept of real-time analytics, fast data, and streaming analytics is becoming more of a priority for business leaders. Real-time data for real-time analytics (or streaming analytics, as it’s otherwise known) is one of the most talked about use cases, but there’s so much more that can be done with real-time data.

In this contributed post by Steve Wilkes, Founder and CTO of Striim, Steve goes into detail about the importance of real-time data outside of the context of just analytics. In the piece, Steve discusses how real-time data impacts your cloud adoption, why it’s a precursor to analytics, and tears down misconceptions that cause organizations to hesitate in adopting a streaming-first architecture.

For Steve’s full article, read “Real-Time Data is for Much More Than Analytics” on Forbes.

IT Brief: Snowflake Available on Microsoft Azure for A/NZ Customers

Striim’s strategic partnership with Snowflake to simplify and speed loading real-time data to Snowflake was included in a recent piece on IT Brief, discussing how Snowflake’s data warehouse capabilities are now available on Microsoft Azure for Australian and New Zealand customers. The article highlights the real-time data integration capabilities that Striim brings to Snowflake running in Azure or AWS, such as phased migration to Snowflake from existing on-premises or cloud-based data warehouses, databases, and other data sources. The variety of sources are listed out in the piece.

The article also leverages a quote by Alok Pareek regarding the partnership: “Striim and Snowflake share a mission to enable every organization to be data-driven. However, to be data-driven, companies must first gain access to the data by building the real-time data pipelines that can continuously feed their analytics and reporting.”

To learn more, please read the article on IT Brief, “Snowflake Available on Microsoft Azure for A/NZ Customers.”

TechTarget: Google Takes a Run at Enterprise Cloud Data Management

Alok Pareek, EVP of Products at Striim, was included in an insightful industry article by TechTarget’s Jack Vaughan regarding Google Cloud’s shift in focusing more on enterprise cloud data management. With recently appointed Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian now at the helm, it has become evident that databases and data management will receive more attention, based on the number of partnerships and deals with vendors (including Striim) that were announced at Google Cloud Next in SF, April 9-11.

While Google has been leading in emerging technologies including machine learning, AI, and big data, it’s great to see that more attention and support will be given to enterprise cloud data management needs for users. The article does a great job at highlighting some key solutions that will be offered in the near future via third-party providers, with Striim being included and recognized for its partnership with Google Cloud to provide a data migration service, making it easier for users to move data to databases in the Google Cloud Platform. Learn more about Striim’s data migration service by reading our press release.

Alok provided great insights as to how this will benefit users, and how Kurian has a great understanding of the data management industry. Alok is quoted in the piece saying, “Thomas Kurian understands the maturity curve of IT and data management over the last 30 or 40 years.”

To learn more about how Google will be providing support for enterprise cloud data management, and further thoughts by Alok, please read the article, “Google Takes a Run at Enterprise Cloud Data Management.”

DBTA: Striim and Snowflake Collaborate on Platform that Accelerates Data to the Cloud

Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) covered Striim’s recent announcement regarding its strategic partnership with Snowflake, the data warehouse for the cloud, that will see Striim simplify and speed the movement of real-time data to Snowflake so that users can maximize their data-driven analytics in the cloud. Snowflake customers who are running in AWS or Microsoft Azure will be able to take advantage of Striim’s real-time data integration capabilities by migrating data from existing on-prem or cloud-based data warehouses, databases, and other data sources.

To learn more about the partnership and the capabilities Snowflake users will receive, read the coverage on DBTA, “Striim and Snowflake Collaborate on Platform that Accelerates Data to the Cloud.”

insideBIGDATA: IMPACT 50 List for Q2 2019

Striim is happy to announce that the company has been listed on insideBIGDATA’s IMPACT 50 List for Q2 2019. This quarterly list recognizes the movers and shakers within the big data ecosystem. insideBIGDATA follows a range of organizations involved in the industry, and keeps track of organizations making noise in technology areas including big data, data science, machine learning, AI, and deep learning.

According to insideBIGDATA, companies who are included on the list “have proven their relevance by the way they’re impacting the enterprise through leading edge products and services.”

Take a look at the complete IMPACT 50 List to view the industry’s most impactful companies.

Datanami: People to Watch 2019

We are excited to announce that our very own Steve Wilkes, co-founder and CTO of Striim, has been listed as one of the Top People to Watch in 2019 by Datanami! Now in its third year, Datanami’s People to Watch program features the top movers and shakers within the data field.

The write-up provides a brief background on Steve’s career, and then launches into an interview that shares Steve’s thoughts on current industry trends, important technologies being used today, and critical technologies for the future use and application of data.

Specifically, Steve provides an interesting take on topics including Big Data/Hadoop, the growth of cloud computing, and the challenges facing customers who are looking to implement real time analytics. He also shares some of his hobbies and activities he does outside of work; it’s a very well-rounded piece! Read the full interview on Datanami – Steve Wilkes: People to Watch 2019!

Forbes: 19 for 19: Technology Predictions for 2019 and Beyond

We’re excited to announce that Forbes has published an article by our very own CTO, Steve Wilkes, discussing the future outlook of technology for 2019 and beyond!

In this piece, Steve succinctly highlights the top events of 2018 in order to provide direction as to what we might see in 2019. As Steve indicates in the article, enterprise technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, with modern data management become a focus for many organizations. This is evidenced by the increase in cloud adoption, shockwave mergers and acquisitions, and the prolific growth of AI and other emerging technologies.

This article covers the full list of the 19 predictions that Steve believes will have the greatest impact in 2019, which feature areas including:

  • Cloud
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence
  • Security
  • IoT
  • Blockchain

Read further about what Steve thinks this year will have in store by checking out the coverage on Forbes: 19 for 19: Technology Predictions for 2019 and Beyond.

Datanami: 5 Key Data Integration Considerations for Apache Kudu

One of the major benefits that Apache Kudu offers to its users is the ability to perform low latency analytics on rapidly changing data, including time-series, machine data, and data warehousing. However, in order to be effective, you need to move the data into Kudu while the data is still relevant. The question is, how do you deliver data into your Kudu environment in real time, as soon as possible after the data is originally created.

In this contributed thought leadership piece by Irem Radzik, head of product marketing at Striim, she shares the top 5 considerations when choosing a data integration solution for Kudu. Read the full piece on Datanami, “5 Key Data Integration Considerations for Apache Kudu.”

Datanami: Striim Extends AWS Offering to Include Real-Time Data Divergence Monitoring

Datanami covered Striim’s announcement that it has extended its AWS offering to include real-time data divergence monitoring, enabling risk-free data migration without business interruption or data loss. To learn more about Striim’s extended solution, read the news on Datanami – “Striim Extends AWS Offering to Include Real-Time Data Divergence Monitoring.” 

Additionally, you can watch a couple of videos created by Striim CTO Steve Wilkes that provides a short demo of our real-time data divergence monitoring solution in action, “Real-Time AWS Cloud Migration Monitoring: 3-Minute Demo,” as well as an overview video that highlights how the Striim platform can enhance your current AWS solutions, “Streaming Data Integration to AWS.”

TechiExpert: Big Data Storage Start-ups to Watch in 2018

Striim has been recognized in a recent article by TechiExpert as a top big data storage start-up to watch for in 2018. The article mentions that Striim, along with the six other companies included in the list, “pose supreme potential in the market.” 

This is what was included in the article highlighting Striim as a top-seven solution in the big data storage space:

“Striim is a startup that performs operations pertaining to streaming analytics and offers companies the benefit of real-time data integration. It processes a huge amount of data from various sources encompassing IoT sensors, enterprise databases and log files for analysis in real time, whilst also ensuring proper connections with remote IoT sensors.”

insideBIGDATA: Above the Trend Line – 10/1/2018

Striim has been included in this week’s “Above the Trend Line” article, a weekly column by insideBIGDATA that highlights news around the big data, data science, and machine learning industries.

Striim was included for announcing further data integration capabilities for the Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform environments.

For Azure, Striim announced expanded additional support for continuous data movement from a variety of sources to Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Database for PostgreSQL. Striim also provides real-time data integration to Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Zaire SQL Database, Azure Storage, and Azure HDInsight.

For the Google Cloud Platform, Striim announced expanded integration and support for moving continuous, real-time data from a broad range of data sources to Google BigQuery and Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL and MySQL. This enables Google Cloud users to move towards a hybrid cloud infrastructure by making real-time enterprise data available for data warehousing, advanced analytics, operational reporting, and machine learning solutions.

CIO: The Future of Big Data and AI Boils Down to One Thing

Based on a great conversation at Strata NY between Steve Wilkes, co-founder and CTO of Striim, and Charles Araujo, analyst at Intellyx and contributor to CIO, Steve was included in a great article that takes a hard look at big data, analytics, and AI.

In the article, “The Future of Big Data and AI Boils Down to One Thing,” Charles’ thesis is that while the focus for these technologies are on the mechanics, which is important, “…they are not the reason that any of these disciplines exist. When it comes to big data, analytics, and AI the value does not come from collecting the data, or even from deriving some insight from it – value comes from just one thing: action.”

Part of the conversation shifted to machine learning initiatives, and Steve had to say this about how organizations can operationalize it: “Stream processing and streaming analytics are an essential part of operationalizing machine learning. If you can move the data scientists upstream and have them work with stream processing…then they can build the model and then inject that model into the data stream…and make real-time predictions and perform real-time analytics.”

Datanami: Striim’s Latest Releases Boost Cloud Integration, Ease of Use, and Extensibility

Datanami picked up a post that ran on the Striim blog highlighting the two most recent updates to the Striim platform. In 3.8.4, Striim brought several features that improve the manageability and the extensibility of the platform. In 3.8.5, Striim includes a PaaS offering for real-time data integration to Azure SQL Data Warehouse, as well as further cloud integration with a broader set of targets.

Learn more about these features by reading the blog, “Striim’s Latest Releases Boost Cloud Integration, Ease of Use, and Extensibility.”

Insight Tech: Need More IoT Data? Try Stream Processing

Based on a presentation given at Intel’s IoT DevFest event by Striim CTO Steve Wilkes, Insight Tech did a great write-up regarding some of the key takeaways from the talk and how stream processing can help with managing the overwhelming amounts of data being generated thanks to the internet of things. 

The article, “Need More IoT Data? Try Stream Processing,” dives into the basics of in-memory streaming data processing and analytics, outlines how you can use stream processing and CDC capabilities at the edge to improve performance, and why this technology is imperative for managing the growing amounts of IoT data by minimizing storage.

Dataversity: Streamlining Real-Time Data Integration and Analytics: The Struggle is Over

Technological innovation has finally reached the point within the data management industry to enable enterprise companies to work with its data in real time. However, building or harnessing a solution that meets the vast requirements of utilizing real-time data is a major hurdle for many organizations.

Based on thoughts shared by Steve Wilkes, founder and CTO of Striim, this article focuses on many of the industry struggles, and how the Striim platform is uniquely built to help companies seamlessly adopt a modern data architecture. Learn how organizations can move into the next phase of modern data management by reading the article, “Streamlining Real-Time Data Integration and Analytics: The Struggle is Over.”

Striim Recognized as a Top 10 Data Integration Vendor by Solutions Review

Based on the 2018 DBTA100 annual list that recognized the top 100 vendors in data management and analytics, Solutions Review analyzed the list and put together their top 10 data integration vendors, with Striim being included as one of the major vendors innovating in this area. Solutions Review

Data modernization is becoming standard for nearly every enterprise company, and adopting Streaming Integration is the first step in achieving this. The Striim platform was built from the ground up to provide an enterprise-grade solution that can handle the lifecycle of every piece of data, including real-time data integration, analytics and visualization.

We’re thrilled that Solutions Review has included us as a company to keep an eye on. Learn more about why the Striim platform was included in Solutions Review list by reading the article, “DBTA 100 2018: 10 Data Integration Vendors We’re Tracking.”