TechTarget: Google Takes a Run at Enterprise Cloud Data Management

Alok Pareek, EVP of Products at Striim, was included in an insightful industry article by TechTarget’s Jack Vaughan regarding Google Cloud’s shift in focusing more on enterprise cloud data management. With recently appointed Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian now at the helm, it has become evident that databases and data management will receive more attention, based on the number of partnerships and deals with vendors (including Striim) that were announced at Google Cloud Next in SF, April 9-11.

While Google has been leading in emerging technologies including machine learning, AI, and big data, it’s great to see that more attention and support will be given to enterprise cloud data management needs for users. The article does a great job at highlighting some key solutions that will be offered in the near future via third-party providers, with Striim being included and recognized for its partnership with Google Cloud to provide a data migration service, making it easier for users to move data to databases in the Google Cloud Platform. Learn more about Striim’s data migration service by reading our press release.

Alok provided great insights as to how this will benefit users, and how Kurian has a great understanding of the data management industry. Alok is quoted in the piece saying, “Thomas Kurian understands the maturity curve of IT and data management over the last 30 or 40 years.”

To learn more about how Google will be providing support for enterprise cloud data management, and further thoughts by Alok, please read the article, “Google Takes a Run at Enterprise Cloud Data Management.”