Real-Time Intelligence

Not Yesterday’s Data

Saves Patient Lives

Saves Patient Lives Powers Personalized Care Keeps Nurses on the Floor Drives Shorter Revenue Cycles Streamlines Clinical Workflows Fuels AI-Driven Insights Supports Patient Engagement Reduces Billing Disputes

The heartbeat of modern healthcare intelligence. Drive patient engagement, empower workforce efficiency, optimize revenue capture, and deliver real-time care. 

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Empowering Hospital Systems to Thrive with Real-Time Intelligence

Drive patient engagement

Elevate the overall satisfaction and experience of patients, attract more patients, retain existing ones, and drive more revenue.

Empower workforce efficiency

Allocate resources effectively despite staffing shortages and drive operational efficiency with real-time analytics.

Accelerate revenue streams

Optimize revenue capture, mitigate financial risks, and enhance overall organizational performance.

Deliver real-time care

Timely interventions and improved patient outcomes through dynamic, real-time care management.

How Striim Does It Different

Seamlessly integrate, intelligently innovate in real time

Crafting Tailored Solutions for Hospital Success

Personalized Patient Care

Integrate data from EMRs, IoT devices, patient-generated data, and more to gain real-time insights into patients’ conditions and improve patient satisfaction and retention.

Workforce Optimization

Predictive analytics for dynamic shift scheduling and resource allocation help reduce admin burdens on staff and ensures that they have the resources to perform their jobs, leading to increased job satisfaction and retention.

Integrated Revenue Cycle Management Systems

Seamlessly unite patient registration, billing, coding, claims processing, and payment reconciliation for revenue realization, reducing the time between patient services and payment receipt.

Streamlined Clinical Workflows

Immediate access to comprehensive patient information streamlines clinical workflows, enhances decision-making processes, and provides valuable insights into patient conditions, treatment effectiveness, and resource utilization.

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