Real-Time Intelligence

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Minimizes Downtime & Costs Drives Proactive Maintenance Cultivates Loyal Customers Tracks Live Fuel Usage Ensures Timely Arrivals Optimizes Flight Routes Powers Tailored Engagement Fuels ML-Driven Analytics

Smart wings for instant flight intelligence. Minimize downtime and costs, ensure on-time arrivals, satisfy customers, and monitor live fuel consumption.

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Empowering Airlines to Soar with Real-Time Intelligence

Minimize Downtime & Costs

Maximize operational efficiency on the tarmac through swift anomaly detection and disruption minimization.

Ensure On-Time Arrivals

Predict delays, detect issues early, optimize routing and resourcing for timely arrivals.

Cultivate Satisfied Customers

Personalized entertainmentment and updates boost satisfaction, nurture loyalty, and impact revenue positively in-flight.

Track Live Fuel Consumption

Monitor fuel consumption and dynamically route flight paths in real time to reduce fuel burn and ensure timely arrivals.

How Striim Does It Different

Seamlessly integrate, intelligently innovate in real time

Real-Time Intelligence Solutions for Next-Gen Aviation

Intelligent Predictive Maintenance

Leverage advanced analytics and machine learning to detect early signs of component degradation or potential failures in airline operations, enabling preemptive maintenance scheduling, reducing downtime, and enhancing operational reliability.

Proactive Delay Management

Integrate diverse aviation data, including aircraft, maintenance, and weather, with ML-driven analytics for proactive decision-making, predicting delays, and optimizing resources. Mitigate potential delays by optimizing crew assignments and schedules to ensure punctuality and operational efficiency.

Tailored Passenger Experiences

Continuously analyze vast streams of real-time data from sources like flight status updates and passenger preferences to deploy personalized services, track luggage, predict passenger flow, and optimize security screening and boarding processes.

Enhanced Fuel Efficiency

Accurately monitor fuel levels and consumption patterns in real time to identify opportunities to reduce fuel costs while ensuring compliance with aviation regulations that mandate strict adherence to fuel management protocols.

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Real-Time Data Solutions for Aviation

Striim empowers airlines with real-time data integration, ML-driven analytics, and security measures, ensuring predictive maintenance, proactive delay management, personalized passenger experiences, and improved fuel efficiency. These solutions minimize downtime, enhance operational efficiency, boost customer satisfaction, and reduce operating costs, securing success for airlines in a competitive market.