About Striim

Powering digital transformation

Striim was founded with the simple goal of helping companies make data useful the instant it’s born

Managing large-scale data is a challenge for every enterprise. Real-time, integrated data is a requirement to stay competitive, but modernizing data architecture can be an overwhelming task.

We built Striim to handle the volume, complexity, and velocity of enterprise data by connecting legacy systems to modern cloud applications on a scalable platform. Our customers don’t have to pause operations to migrate data or juggle different tools for every data source—they simply connect legacy systems to newer cloud applications and get data streaming in a few clicks.

Seamless integrations. Near-perfect performance. Data up to the moment. That’s what embracing complexity without sacrificing performance looks like to the enterprise with a modern data stack.

Our mission: to power every decision with real-time data.

Meet the Team

Striim was launched by executive and technical members of pioneering organizations like GoldenGate Software (acquired by Oracle in 2009), Informatica, Oracle, Embarcadero Technologies, and BEA/WebLogic.


Ali Kutay: Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer


Steve Wilkes: Founder and Chief Technology Officer


Alok Pareek: Founder and Executive Vice President, Products


Andrew Lubesnick: Chief Financial Officer


Nadim Antar: Chief Revenue Officer


Taly Avigdory: General Counsel


Phillip Cockrell: Senior Vice President of Business Development


Neil Holloway: Senior Vice President Partnerships

Our Core Values

One Striim

We strive to support a human-first: employee-second work environment while holding high standards of customer satisfaction and data security.

Unlimited Potential

We encourage employee collaboration, access to leadership, transparency, and empathy to promote continuous growth, learning, development and innovation.


We hold high standards of ethics, treat our clients, partners and employees with respect and support our diverse workforce.

Careers at Striim

Join a team of experts in integrations real-time streaming, data infrastructure, and more. We all share one vision for the future: a world where companies can transform every aspect of their business with data.

We’re backed by the best.

Striim is fortunate to be backed by some of the top investors in the world.