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Customer Case Studies

Ciena is a networking systems, services and software company that provides best-in-class networking solutions that support 85 percent of the world’s largest communications service providers.

Ciena replicates 100 million
events to Snowflake per day with Striim’s powerful,
autonomous data pipelines.

As retailers strive to meet the growing expectations of shoppers, they are turning to Google Cloud and Striim to transform their businesses and tackle opportunities in an increasingly challenging industry. 

Inspyrus – an innovative Silicon Valley Fintech company – provides their customers with rich reports using a modern data stack powered by Snowflake, Striim, dbt, and Looker.

iBasis is using Striim gain real-time visibility of various metrics for 3G and 4G networks, and use that knowledge to make timely, informed decisions can have profound business impact to Telco providers.

HomeServe’s smart water leak solution, LeakBot device, detects hidden leaks before they cause significant damage. HomeServe uses Striim’s streaming data integration platform to deliver rich operational data to the Google BigQuery analytics environment.

Blume Global is a leading provider of supply chain technology. Blume selected Striim Platform on Google Cloud to provide live streaming of data from the on-premises Oracle source to the MySQL target on Google Cloud, minimizing disruption and risk. 

Global Financial Data Provider Accelerates Strategic Journey to the Cloud With Striim

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