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How to Choose the Right Change Data Capture Solution

An introduction to CDC (and pros and cons of different CDC methods) | 5 reasons organizations need CDC | Key features to consider in your CDC solution

Enterprise Data Streaming Patterns: Integration, Governance and Data Mesh

Watch our on-demand webinar on data streaming patterns that enable enterprises to analyze and act on data in real time.

Replicating Your On-Premises Database into Google Cloud SQL for MySQL

Step-by-step instructions for how to set up real-time database replication to Google Cloud SQL

A Buyer’s Guide to Streaming Data Integration For Google Cloud Platform

Ease your journey into streaming ETL to Google Cloud with the free e-book

Getting Started with Real-Time Data Integration to Microsoft Azure SQL Database

In this Tech Guide, we’ll show you how to easily integrate your on-premises Oracle Database with Azure SQL Database in the cloud using Striim’s PaaS offering available in the Azure Marketplace.

Ciena replicates 100 million events a day with Striim’s powerful, autonomous data pipelines

Ciena is a networking systems, services and software company that provides best-in-class networking solutions that support 85 percent of the world’s largest communications service providers, as
well as regional service providers, submarine network operators, data and cloud operators, and
large enterprises.

Building a Multi-Cloud Data Fabric for Real-Time Analytics

Watch this on-demand webinar with James Serra (Data Platform Architecture Lead at EY) where we will demystify building a multi-cloud data environment for operations and real-time analytics.

Streaming Cloud Integration: Key Data Considerations for Hybrid and Multicloud Architectures

Download this eBook to learn about Cloud Data Management Architectures for hybrid cloud and multicloud.

Streaming Integration: A Guide to Realizing the Value of Real-Time Data

This book delves into the importance of streaming integration to deriving value from real-time data to address real-world business challenges and garner immediate benefits. Download this newly published O’Reilly book today.

Setting Up Streaming ETL To Snowflake

In this quick start guide, we will walk you through, step-by-step, how to use Striim for streaming ETL to Snowflake by loading data in real time, whether you run Snowflake on Azure or AWS.

Realizing Real-Time Data Warehousing on Snowflake with Striim

Download this Tech Guide to see the solution architectures, deployment options, and the steps required to continuously integrate date to Snowflake

Tech Guide: Quick Start Tutorial for Streaming Kafka Integration

Demo: A Demonstration of Striim

We present the design and architecture of Striim, a modern end-to-end streaming platform for real-time integration and intelligence.

Cloud Migration Checklist For Google Cloud Platform

Download the cloud database migration checklist for Google Cloud Platform now to ease your cloud adoption.

Cloud Migration Checklist For Microsoft Azure 

Download the cloud database migration checklist for Microsoft Azure now to ease your cloud adoption.

Striim for Enterprise Security

A Holistic Approach to Real-Time Enterprise Security Analysis

Cloud Migration Checklist For Amazon Web Services

Download the cloud database migration checklist for Amazon Web Services now to ease your cloud adoption.

Striim and Fujitsu for Cybersecurity in the Digital Factory

Case Study: Counteract Security Breaches

Case Study: Raymond James Adheres to SLAs

Case Study: iBasis Improves Network Performance

Ovum On the Radar – Striim

Striim Platform Overview White Paper

Data Visualization and Data Exploration with Striim

Striim enables businesses to accurately track operational performance with the right metrics, in real time, so they can course-correct fast, with full confidence.

Get More Value from Apache Kafka

The Real Costs and Benefits of Open Source Data Platforms White Paper

An Ovum white paper for Striim

Streaming Data Integration: Build vs. Buy Analysis

Critical Cost Drivers of Building A Streaming Integration Platform

Streaming Data Integration Powers Global Airline’s Flight Operations

Real-World Real-Time Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation involves moving to a “streaming first” data architecture, supporting cloud, streaming analytics, and IoT, while integrating legacy resources