Make up-to-the-second, data-driven decisions

Striim solutions provide real-time data for split-second analytics and decision-making across all industries.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Improve patient care and provider operations with real-time data.

Striim’s Healthcare and Life Sciences customers use real-time data integration and streaming to improve patient care, customer service and operations across their organizations. Use cases include deploying predictive, preventative medicine strategies, completing insurance and payment processes faster and rapidly analyzing data to find hidden insights and save lives.

  • Get results and make decisions faster based on real-time data in transit.
  • Review patient health data from different sources instantly.
  • Pinpoint potential threats and compliance failures with machine learning.


Streamline logistics and drive efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Striim’s Logistics and Transport customers use real-time data integration and streaming to improve their service and drive efficiency across their operations. By integrating data from on-premise and cloud sources in real time, operations and supply chain leaders can use analytics to assess both demand and cost to serve, pick up early warning signals from the market and take swift, decisive action.

  • Track shipments and milestones to the customer door in real-time.
  • Quickly reroute due to weather, political issues, etc.
  • Keep up-to-date inventory and material counts.


Grow and retain customers with a superior omni-channel purchasing experience.

Striim’s Retail customers use real-time data integration and streaming for real-time analytics and decision making, enabling them to deliver industry leading customer service and efficient operations. By blending data from brick and mortar and ecommerce platforms they can deliver a true omnichannel retail strategy and retain and expand their customer base.

  • Personalize customer experience and delight your customers.
  • Increase share of wallet with real-time outreach and offers.
  • Improve forecast accuracy and adjust supply in real-time.

Financial Services

Protect against fraud and theft, and inrease customer satisfaction.

Our Financial Services customers are using Striim’s solutions to increase security through the analysis of log files and data traffic, deliver cutting-edge customer experience through integrating real-time data from legacy and cloud data sources, and improve operational efficiency of global payments.

  • Improve customer engagement and retention through real-time data and decisions.
  • Protect against fraud and theft with ML-driven anomaly detection.
  • Provide innovative customer driven solutions for payments, lending, etc.


Increase customer retention through improved customer experience.

Striim’s Telecommunications customers are utilizing real-time data for real-time analytics and Machine Learning (ML), enabling them to provide state of the art customer experience to retain and grow their customers world-wide while reducing operational costs.

  • Increase customer sales through real-time offers and promotions.
  • Improve customer retention with real-time customer insights.
  • Monitor network health, reroute traffic, and send proactive alerts to customers.