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Continuously Move and Analyze Data in Real Time

Streaming Integration is the continuous, real-time movement, processing and analysis of data
across heterogeneous systems with real-time and built-in verification, intelligence and visibility.

Striim is a patented, enterprise-grade platform that includes Change Data Capture to enable
Streaming Integration across environments including Kafka, Hadoop and Hybrid Cloud.

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Real-Time Data Integration

Gain more value from your data via real-time access to structured and unstructured data

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Hybrid Cloud Integration and Analytics

Boost your cloud environment with real-time data pipelines and insights from high-velocity data

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Replication Validation and Monitoring

Achieve real-time visibility into your replication solutions and prevent data loss

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Enterprise Security

Identify and prevent cross-domain security threats that point solutions may not detect

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Integration and Stream Processing for Kafka

Simplify real-time integration and SQL-based stream processing for Apache Kafka

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Change Data Capture

Low-impact, real-time change data capture (CDC) to integrate, analyze, and visualize database changes

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Internet of Things

Rise above the IoT explosion with a smart architecture and real-time insights

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Detecting Patterns and Anomalies

Enable the automatic and real-time detection of operational risks and opportunities

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Why Striim?


Change Data Capture

Any Source, Target




Hybrid On-Prem/Cloud







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