How American Airlines Powers Global TechOps with a Real-Time Data Hub

American Airlines is on a mission to care for people on their life journey. Serving over 5,800 flights a day to over 350 plus destinations across 60-plus countries requires massive amounts of data streaming in real-time to support flight operations.

TechOps team members use their skills and expertise to ensure planes, team members, and customers depart and arrive safely and reliably every time on every flight. You may see them at your local airports wearing vests and using iPads working with ground crew. They track aircraft telemetry across the globe, deploy crews for spot maintenance, and route aircraft to the world’s largest maintenance facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

In 2022, American Airlines announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft Azure to transform operations and analytics in the cloud. The American Airlines TechOps team wanted to step up to the internal challenge of adopting the mandate to modernize and accelerate their operations. 

TechOps deployed a real-time data hub consisting of MongoDB, Striim, Azure, and Databricks to ensure a seamless, real-time operation at massive scale. This architecture leverages change data capture from MongoDB to get operational data in real time, process and model the data for downstream usage, and stream it to consumers in real-time. The output is data products for TechOps and business teams to monitor and action operational data to provide a delightful travel experience to customers.

Today with the combined power of Microsoft Azure, Databricks, and Striim, American Airlines TechOps has completed the vision of digital transformation and were able to cut over to production at a global scale within 12 weeks.

Watch the video to learn how streaming operational data in real time helps American Airlines keep track of thousands of moving parts and ensure planes, team members, and customers depart and arrive safely and reliably, every time on every flight.

"Striim is a fully managed service that reduces our total cost of ownership while providing a simple drag and drop UI. There's no maintenance overhead for American Airlines to maintain the infrastructure."
Ganesh Deivarayan
Sr. Manager at American Airlines