Real-Time Intelligence

Not Stale Data

Instantly Fuels AI-Ready Data Powers ML-Driven Analytics Crafts GenAI Customer Experiences Achieves Sub-Second Latency Strengthens Decision-Making with RAG Enhances Continuous AI Learning

Instantly Fuels AI-Ready Data

Optimized for the power and scalability of AI-ready data pipelines, Striim’s fully managed, SaaS-based platform unifies data across clouds, applications, and databases in real time.

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Empowering Organizations with Instant AI-ready Data

Take Decisive Action
on Real-Time Insights

Analyze real-time data on the fly and make decisive moves with advanced ML-driven analytics, ensuring swift responses with low latency.


Boost operational efficiency by enabling real-time data processing and immediate decision-making, helping businesses streamline processes and enhance overall performance.

Nurture Engaged &
Loyal Customers

Deploy real-time data and AI to quickly personalize experiences, enhance operations, and boost customer engagement.

How Striim Does AI Different

Unified Data Streaming Powering Analytics & AI

“At UPS, we're reshaping the shipping landscape by prioritizing lower premiums and improved convenience for our customers. Opting for high-confidence shipping addresses not only slashes costs but also assures customers of dependable and secure deliveries, empowering them to shop online with confidence and ease. Striim and Google Cloud have jointly enabled us to enhance the customer experience with AI and ML.”
Pinaki Mitra
Vice President, Data Science & Machine Learning at UPS Capital

Real-Time Intelligence Solutions for AI and ML

Advanced Real-Time ML Analytics

Integrate advanced analytics and ML frameworks, enabling your business to take decisive action on real-time insights with minimal latency. Our built-in continuous learning algorithms ensure that your models evolve dynamically, staying relevant in response to changing business and data needs.

High-Throughput Inference Applications

Apply trained models to incoming data in real time, driving actionable insights without delay. By utilizing advanced algorithms and parallel processing techniques, Striim enables high-throughput inference across diverse use cases, from image recognition to anomaly detection.

Generative AI Customer Experiences

Leverage real-time data and GenAI to gain the agility and intelligence needed to understand and adapt to customer behaviors swiftly. Deliver immediate insights to personalize interactions, optimize operations, and drive engagement that exceeds expectations, creates meaningful connections, and fosters loyalty.

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Real-Time Intelligence for AI and ML

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Real-Time Intelligence Solutions for AI and ML

Striim is the backbone of real-time AI data pipelines, designed to process unbounded and evolving data streams at scale with unmatched efficiency and low latency. It seamlessly integrates with both inline and external AI and ML models to deliver real-time AI and BI capabilities that empower modern businesses with transformative outcomes.