Support & SERVICES

Let Striim’s services and support experts bring your Data Products to life. 

Turn your data project into real-time measurable outcomes

24/7 Support for Every Striim Customer

You can get the most out of your investment in Striim’s software by taking advantage of our services and support. We can help you begin, accelerate, and expand your journey with real-time data.

Discover how Striim’s offerings are designed to help you do more.

Our standard support includes:

  • Easy access to 24/7 support for all of your team via our customer support portal
  • Ensure quick resolutions with guaranteed response times based on the severity of your issue
  • Supported by our team of qualified and experienced Striim experts

Customer Support ensures your success from Day 1

Deliver measurable business results quickly with a Striim deployment supported by our team of experts.

Striim’s professional customer services team can help you get the most impact from your investment. Our packages are designed to create the best Striim Onboarding Methodology, allowing you to deploy smart data pipelines consistently and confidently.  Striim CS Architects will help design the ideal solutions for your use cases and help you choose the best services package from choosing to work with our experts, training your team on our Striim solutions, or getting new team members trained.

Immediate Success With Our Onboarding Packages

Quickstart Package

  • Expert onboarding by team with Deep technical expertise
  • Architecture design & technical implementation consulting
  • 90-day implementation period, includes dedicated training with add-on packages available

Training Refresher

  • Address turnover in your organization through refresher training
  • Striim Platform Training + Full set of bespoke use cases 
  • Virtual sessions with unlimited access to all recordings

Technical Account Management

  • A key resource who understands Striim and your systems and advises on customer journey and architecture
  • Connects your objectives to resources throughout the Striim organization
  • Supports your strategy and implementation goals