Get up and running quickly with our Quickstart Package

Getting started with Striim couldn’t be easier with our Quickstart package.  This package gives you access to a Striim expert who can provide you with all the support you need to get started with developing your first smart data pipeline or can be extended to help you with your first few pipelines.

Package Includes

  • 1 Use Case / MVP
  • Onboarding Training Package (details below)
  • Solution Architecture Design
  • Product Setup & Installation Guidance
  • Use Case Specific Workshops
  • Application Development Review
  • Testing Design Review
  • Performance Optimization Consulting
  • Monitoring/Alerting Configuration Review
  • Best Practices & Production Readiness
  • Target Completion over 90 days

Package Details

  • 1 Source
  • 1 Schema Limit
  • 100 Tables / Collections OR 100 Topics / Files in standard OOB formats
  • 500GB Data Volume of less for IL
  • OOB Transformations and Mappings
  • No custom OPs or UDFs
  • Excludes NoSQL (Mongo, Cosmos, etc) to RDBMS (Oracle, SQLService, etc) and RDBMS to NoSQL use-cases 

All items are provided on a train-to-complete, consultative basis with the Customer trained to complete the work.

Target Duration
CS Onboarding Package (1 Use Case)
90 days
Full package as outlined above
CS Onboarding +2nd Use Case
+ 30 days
Assumes install and platform training will be removed
CS Onboarding +3rd Use Case
+ 30 days
Assumes customer requires less help over time
Training Refresher Package
2 weeks virtual OR 2 days onsite
Preference for virtual
Custom / Non-Package Onboarding
Scoped with Services Team
Services Post Onboarding
Scoped with Services Team
Onboarding Training Package Includes
  • Product Training – Live

  • Use Case Specific Workshops

  • Target Completion over 2 weeks – Virtual

  • Target Completion over 2 weeks – Onsite

Package Details

  • 10 People Max
  • Virtual Sessions
  • Sessions Can Be Recorded
  • Onsite Sessions with the Addition of Travel Expenses

Training is available on a variety of training modules and also can be customized for your unique experience or environment.

Striim Application Development

  • Application components
  • Application development (lab)
  • Dashboard development (lab)
  • Screen readers and parsers
  • Stream writers and formatters

Striim Platform Administration

  • Striim console
  • Security
  • System health monitoring and reporting
  • JMS and external platform monitoring
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics

Striim Platform Architecture

  • Striim architecture details
  • Striim clustering
  • High-availability and recovery
  • Scalability and performance

Striim Solution (Use-case based)

  • Application components (CQ, Streams, Caches, Event Tables, Windows)
  • GGTrail file reading/parsing
  • Database replication to DBs and EDWs
  • Database replication to GCP Cloud Services (Spanner, PubSub, BigQuery, Cloud Storage) and many more

Advanced Topics

  • Open processes
  • Java UDF
  • Striim Event Publish API, Health REST, Management REST API