Striim Solutions for Retail & CPG

Striim’s unified data integration and data streaming platform connects clouds, data, and applications with unprecedented speed and simplicity to deliver the right data at the right time.

Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies are facing new opportunities as e-commerce and supply chain demands continue to shift in a highly competitive marketplace. Internally, companies are breaking down silos to capture business events across any environment, build applications that drive digital transformation, and leverage true real-time analytics to provide a superior customer experience. To stay ahead of the competition, companies need to leverage technology solutions that help them gain insights from their data in real time and enable them to make informed decisions quickly.

Striim is a unified data integration and streaming platform that helps Retail and CPG companies address these challenges. By providing real-time data integration, analytics, and security features, Striim helps Retail and CPG companies gain a competitive edge in the fast-paced retail industry.

Siloed Data Negatively Impacts Operations

How Striim Supports Retail and CPG Use Cases

Use Case 1


Challenge: Retailers need to manage their inventory in real-time to successfully fulfill orders with changing consumer demand. 

Striim Solution: Striim can be used to manage inventory in real time by monitoring sales data from multiple sources such as point-of-sale systems, online marketplaces, and social media. Striim can also provide alerts when inventory levels fall below a certain threshold or when a particular product sells faster than anticipated. 

Business Value: Striim’s real-time inventory management use case helps retailers improve their inventory accuracy, reduce stockouts and overstocks, and improve their bottom line.

Use Case 2


Challenge: Consumers expect a seamless shopping experience across multiple channels, including online and offline, and retailers need to provide personalized experiences to bring high-converting products directly to consumers.

Striim Solution:  Striim’s platform can enable companies to create personalized experiences for their customers by providing real-time insights into their preferences and behaviors.

Business Value: Striim can monitor data across multiple channels and provide a unified view of the customer experience across every touchpoint. This can help retail companies drive a consistent customer experience with personalization at every stage of the purchase process.

Innovation With Real-Time Data

Use Case 3


Challenge: Retail and CPG companies are vulnerable to fraud, which can result in financial losses and damage to brand reputation.

Striim Solution:  Striim can be used to detect fraudulent transactions as they occur in real time. Striim can analyze transactional data from multiple sources such as point-of-sale systems and online marketplaces to identify suspicious patterns and anomalies. Striim can also trigger alerts to notify the relevant personnel when potential fraud is detected.

Business Value: Striim’s real-time fraud detection use case helps Retail and CPG companies detect fraud early, reducing financial losses. With Striim, companies can gain a competitive edge by making informed decisions quickly and ensuring their operations run smoothly.

Use Case 4


Challenge: Amidst increasing competition and ever-changing consumer behavior, retail companies must create personalized marketing campaigns that will effectively engage their audience and remain relevant to the latest behavioral trends of each customer.

Striim Solution:  Striim can help retail companies optimize their marketing campaigns by unifying customer data across siloed systems in real-time. This can help retail companies tailor their marketing campaigns to specific customer segments and improve campaign effectiveness. 

Business Value: Striim enables Retail and CPG companies to build the most effective campaigns that increase brand awareness, customer engagement, and loyalty – which ultimately has a positive impact on sales and revenue growth.

" Striim gives us a single source of truth across domains and speeds our time to market delivering a cohesive experience across different systems. "

Neel Chinta, IT Manager at Macy's