Striim Solutions for Manufacturing & Energy

Striim’s unified data integration and data streaming platform connects clouds, data, and applications with unprecedented speed and simplicity to deliver the right data at the right time.

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As manufacturing and energy companies strive to keep pace with a lack of visibility into upstream supply chains or volatile spikes in customer demand, they also need to address concerns related to data privacy and security, operational efficiency, and risk management. These challenges are further compounded by the sheer volume of data generated by various sources, making it critical for companies to have access to real-time, actionable insights to stay competitive.

Striim is a unified data integration and streaming platform that addresses the industry’s pain points, enabling manufacturing and energy companies to increase the productivity and the resilience of supply chains, improve quality control, and manage the risk of third-party suppliers.

Siloed Data Negatively Impacts Operations

How Striim Supports Manufacturing and Energy Use Cases

Use Case 1


Challenge: Lack of real-time visibility across the supply chain, resulting in inefficient inventory management and delayed deliveries.

Striim Solution: Real-time data integration from suppliers, logistics providers, and internal systems, coupled with advanced analytics, provides end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Business Value: Reduced inventory holding costs, improved order fulfillment, and enhanced customer satisfaction through timely deliveries.

Use Case 2


Challenge: Inconsistent product quality and delays in identifying defects, resulting in rework, customer dissatisfaction, and increased costs.

Striim Solution: Real-time data ingestion from production lines, IoT devices, and quality control systems enables instant detection of anomalies, deviations, and defects.

Business Value: Improved product quality, reduced rework and waste, enhanced customer satisfaction, and minimized production costs.

Innovation With Real-Time Data

Use Case 3


Challenge: Balancing energy supply and demand during peak periods, reducing strain on the grid, and minimizing costs.

Striim Solution: Real-time integration of smart meter data, weather forecasts, and demand patterns enables accurate demand response and load management strategies.

Business Value: Reduced peak demand charges, improved grid stability, enhanced customer satisfaction, and optimized energy usage.

Use Case 4


Challenge: Prevent unplanned downtime and optimize maintenance schedules for energy infrastructure.

Striim Solution: Real-time data ingestion from sensors, IoT devices, and equipment monitoring systems allows for continuous monitoring of energy infrastructure. Striim’s streaming analytics capabilities enable the detection of anomalies and patterns that indicate potential equipment failures or maintenance needs.

Business Value: Improved infrastructure reliability, reduced maintenance costs, minimized downtime, and enhanced operational efficiency.

“The complexity and sensitivity of global supply chains have never been more apparent. With assistance from partners such as Striim, Blume is able to deliver seamless visibility of global freight movements, helping our clients to keep the world in motion..”
Yamini Vellore
Chief Information Officer & Head of Customer Success, Blume Global