Striim Solutions for Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Striim’s unified data integration and data streaming platform connects clouds, data, and applications with unprecedented speed and simplicity to deliver the right data at the right time.

Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies are confronted with multifaceted challenges, including managing complex and sensitive data across various systems, while simultaneously seeking to drive innovation and enhance patient outcomes and experiences. Striim, a unified data integration and streaming platform, empowers these organizations to overcome these obstacles by providing real-time access to data within Electronic
Medical Record (EMR) systems and other sources.

By harnessing Striim’s advanced capabilities, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies can seamlessly integrate, process, and analyze data, enabling them to make data-driven  decisions, optimize operations, expedite the development of life-saving therapies, and enhance the patient experience. Striim transforms the way healthcare and pharmaceutical companies operate in an increasingly digital landscape.

Siloed Data Negatively Impacts Operations

How Striim Supports Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Use Cases

Striim is a data integration and streaming analytics platform that enables businesses to collect, process, and analyze data from various sources in real-time. Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies can use Striim to leverage the benefits of real-time data analysis to solve a variety of use cases such as:

Use Case 1


Challenge: Difficulty in delivering personalized care due to limited access to real-time patient data.

Striim Solution: Striim integrates data from EMR systems, IoT devices, and patient-generated data, enabling healthcare providers to gain real-time insights into patients’ conditions. This allows for personalized care plans, tailored interventions, and improved patient outcomes.

Business Value: Enhanced patient satisfaction, better patient outcomes, and reduced healthcare costs.

Use Case 2


Challenge: Slow drug development due to the lack of real-time data and insights from clinical trials.

Striim Solution: Striim provides real-time data integration and streaming from clinical trial systems and wearable devices, enabling pharmaceutical companies to analyze results instantaneously. This accelerates drug development, reduces time-to-market, and fosters innovation.

Business Value: Faster development and approval of life-saving therapies, reduced costs, and enhanced competitiveness in the pharmaceutical industry.

Innovation With Real-Time Data

Use Case 3


Challenge: Inefficient hospital operations due to data silos and fragmented information systems.

Striim Solution: Striim consolidates data from disparate hospital systems, providing real-time insights into patient flow, resource allocation, and staff scheduling. It enables hospitals to optimize operations, minimize wait times, and enhance patient satisfaction.

Business Value: Improved patient experiences, reduced operational costs, and increased overall hospital efficiency.

“Striim gives us a single source of truth across domains and speeds our time to market delivering a cohesive experience across different systems.”
Neel Chinta
Tech Senior Manager, Engineering Macy’s