Striim Solutions for Travel, Transportation, & Logistics

Striim’s unified data integration and data streaming platform connects clouds, data, and applications with unprecedented speed and simplicity to deliver the right data at the right time.

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The travel, transportation, and logistics industry faces numerous challenges, including the need to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and manage complex supply chains in a rapidly evolving landscape. Striim, a unified data integration and streaming platform, addresses these challenges by providing real-time access to critical data from various sources, such as inventory management, fleet tracking, and customer interactions.

Leveraging Striim’s advanced capabilities, travel, transportation, and logistics companies can make data-driven decisions, streamline processes, and improve overall efficiency. Striim is a catalyst for transforming the travel, transportation, and logistics industry, driving growth, and ensuring success in the digital era.

Siloed Data Negatively Impacts Operations

How Striim Supports Travel, Transportation, and Logistics Use Cases

Use Case 1


Challenge: Inefficient flight operations leading to delays, cancellations, and increased costs.

Striim Solution: Striim integrates data from disparate systems and IoT devices, enabling real-time monitoring of flight operations and providing airlines with insights to optimize routes, reduce delays, and enhance communication with passengers.

Business Value: Reduced operational costs, improved customer satisfaction, and increased on-time performance.

Use Case 2


Challenge: Inability to deliver personalized experiences due to limited access to real-time customer data.

Striim Solution: Striim collects and analyzes real-time customer data, allowing airlines to tailor offers, promotions, and communication based on individual preferences and travel history.

Business Value: Enhanced customer loyalty, increased revenue from personalized offers, and improved customer satisfaction.

Innovation With Real-Time Data

Use Case 3


Challenge: Rising cost of fossil fuels and the pressure from stakeholders to reduce fuel consumption.

Striim Solution: Striim integrates data from mission-critical databases, enabling companies to implement operational changes that require real-time data, such as route optimization, to minimize fuel consumption.

Business Value: Reduction in fuel costs, improvements in route optimization, and fleet management.

Use Case 4


Challenge: Unplanned maintenance and downtime due to lack of real-time insights. 

Striim Solution: Striim integrates data from transportation asset sensors and maintenance records, enabling companies to perform predictive maintenance and reduce unplanned downtime through real-time analysis.

Business Value: Reduced maintenance costs, increased asset availability, and minimized service disruptions.

“Striim gives us everything we need out of the box, and the learning curve for our engineers and DBAs was not at all steep. We were able to get started in a matter of hours, and once set up, the process was pretty much hands-off with Striim – it was a case of monitoring rather than baby-sitting the solution.”
Tariq Suleman
AVP TechOps, Blume Global