Unbeatable Price Performance.
Flexible Models for Every Business.

Striim Platform
Deploy and manage Striim in your data center or private cloud
Annual subscription pricing starting at
20,000 /vcpu/year (min 8 vCPU)
  • Multi-node deployments. Also available as a containerized applications.
  • Self-managed data, metadata respository, and external caches
  • Enterprise Support
Striim Cloud Enterprise Edition
Enterprise real-time data pipelines for maximum uptime and data freshness.






Striim Events - A record acquired from or delivered to an external system
$0.50 /vCPU/hour
Data Transfer
$0.10/gb in, $0.10/gb out
  • Everything in Standard plus:
  • Best in market change data capture from enterprise databases such Oracle & SQLServer
  • Fully dedicated and secure compute, storage, and network infrastructure with customer managed keys.
  • Persistent streams to replay data pipelines using Kafka

Usage-based pricing that scales with your business needs

Scale up and down your consumption as needed. Whether your processing billions of events per hour or on stand-by for new events, Striim meters exactly what you use.