Striim Technical Account Management

Striim offers Technical Account Managers (TAM) who serve as a point of contact for customers and partners seeking help with planning and deploying their Striim software. Striim TAMs help customers deploy our software more securely and successfully by focusing on various technology needs.

Knowledgeable, flexible support now and in the future

Having a Technical Account Manager (TAM)—your Striim champion—is crucial to your operations with Striim. A TAM is a specialized product expert who works collaboratively with IT Orgs, AppDev, and DevOps teams to plan for successful deployments and realize optimal performance and growth. As part of the CS organization, your TAM can help you learn from issues to improve your operational excellence and stability, and get the most out of Striim.

How your Striim TAM works for you

  • Interfaces with your PMO or PMs
  • Coordinates access to Striim resources across:
    • Customer Success Engineering
    • Technical Support
    • Product Management
  • Review Technical Architectures & Use of Striim
  • Reviews use cases and provides approaches & alternatives
  • Reviews and assists in the deployment of best practices
  • Documents and gathers information for feature requests
  • Introduces new releases and associated features
  • Manages escalations in the event of a support issue
Subscription Option
Target Duration
Technical Account Manager (TAM)
12 months
Assigned Technical Account Manager across all business units for 1 year
40 hours Customer Success Engineer to be used as needed by the customer
TAM for onboarding
6 months
TAM for project management of large scale onboarding
Limited duration need
Guided COE
12 months
TAM and CSE available for a combined 8 hours a week
Minimum 2 hours per resource per week
The goal is to develop your team and build new use cases in parallel