Gain some additional support with our Refresher training

Been busy with other projects? Or perhaps just need to dig a little deeper into specific topics? Then our Refresher training course is just right for you: 

Package Includes

  • Product Training – Live
  • Use Case Specific Workshops
  • Target Completion over 2 weeks – Virtual
  • Target Completion over 2 weeks – Onsite

Package Details

  • 10 People Max
  • Virtual Sessions
  • Sessions Can Be Recorded
  • Onsite Sessions with the Addition of Travel Expenses

Training is available on a variety of training modules and also can be customized for your unique experience or environment.

Striim Platform Architecture

  • Striim architecture details
  • Striim clustering
  • High-availability and recovery
  • Scalability and performance

Striim Application Development

  • Application components
  • Application development (lab)
  • Dashboard development (lab)
  • Screen readers and parsers
  • Stream writers and formatters

Striim Platform Administration

  • Striim console
  • Security
  • System health monitoring and reporting
  • JMS and external platform monitoring
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Scalability and performance

Striim Solution (Use-case based)

  • Application components (CQ, Streams, Caches, Event Tables, Windows)
  • GGTrail file reading/parsing
  • Database replication to DBs and EDWs
  • Database replication to GCP Cloud Services (Spanner, PubSub, BigQuery, Cloud Storage)
  • and many more

Advanced Topics

  • Open processes
  • Java UDF
  • Striim Event Publish API, Health REST, Management REST API