Slashing Discovery Health’s Data Latency from 24 Hours to Seconds Improves Patient Outcomes


Discovery Health faced significant challenges in processing vast amounts of data in real-time. Latency issues stemming from disparate systems and database technologies hindered operational efficiency and customer experience. The need for timely insights and predictive models to support decision-making necessitated a shift towards real-time data processing.


Transitioning from daily ETL processes, Striim’s Change Data Capture technology facilitated seamless integration of disparate systems, reducing data processing delays from 24 hours to seconds. Endorsed by Oracle, Striim provided reliability and scalability while leveraging expertise in logical database replication. Through continuous improvement and optimization, Discovery Health streamlined its data infrastructure, empowering informed decision-making and enhancing customer experiences globally.


  • Reduction in data processing delays from 24 hours to seconds: Real-time decision-making allowed prompt responses to evolving market dynamics, such as changes in customer behavior or healthcare trends.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and cost-savings: Real-time data processing capabilities streamlined workflows and minimized manual interventions, resulting in significant operational cost savings.
  • Personalized customer engagement: Predictive analytics helped incentivize healthier choices among members, leading to deeper engagement and loyalty.
  • Improved health outcomes: Real-time intelligence analyzed data to promote healthier lifestyles among members, encouraging active participation in wellness activities and ultimately increasing life expectancy and enhancing overall well-being.
“We have a significant software portfolio and the ability to tie that into modern ML use cases where we need to do that is important for us. We are a highly data-driven organization and the ability to tie in predictive models or propensity models is really critical to our strategy. The objective with Striim and CDC usage was to simplify pipelines and minimize latency for real-time decision support.”
Nick Alexander
Senior System Architect, Discovery Health