Continuous, Real-Time Data Movement to Google Cloud

Striim for Google Cloud

Unify your data in Google Cloud with a full suite of real-time data integration solutions. Whether it's automated database migrations to Google Cloud or data integration for BigQuery, Striim will help you get there faster.

Cloud-Hosted, Real-Time Data Integration

Available on the Google Cloud as a PaaS solution, the Striim platform offers non-intrusive, real-time data ingestion from databases, data warehouses, Salesforce, Amazon S3, log files, messaging systems, sensors, Hadoop and NoSQL solutions to Google Cloud with in-flight transformations and enrichments. Striim offers optimized data delivery with sub-second latency to Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Spanner, Google Cloud SQL (for SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL), Google Cloud Pub/Sub, and Google Cloud Storage.


Striim for BigQuery
Striim for Cloud SQL
Striim for Cloud Spanner

Why Striim For Google Cloud?

Integrate change data from databases, such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HPE NonStop, and AWS RDS, and from data warehouses to Google Cloud with sub-second latency.

Ingest data from in-production sources with negligible impact. Make your operational data available immediately for applications and services on the Google Cloud.

Ease and accelerate development via intuitive, wizards-based development. Write processing using SQL queries and UI-based operators. Get started in minutes.


Why Striim?

Optimized connectors

Over 100 connectors optimized for change

Infinitely scalable

Scale your compute horizontally to meet your data processing needs

SQL-based transformations

Express all business logic on scalable, in-memory SQL queries

Deploy anywhere

On-premise, on any major cloud, or a hybrid topology

High availability

Ensure zero downtime with multi-node failover

Operational analytics

Know and predict what is happening at all times with real-time dashboards, alerts, and machine learning