Streaming Data Integration with Intelligence

The StriimTM platform makes it easy to integrate, analyze, and visualize streaming data across cloud, Big Data, and IoT devices, helping you make smart and timely operational decisions.  With Striim you can build streaming data pipelines for big data integration, cloud migration and integration, and detect cybersecurity threats, fraud, and other operational risks and opportunities in real time.

An End-to-End Platform

Striim combines streaming data integration, analytics, and visualization in a single platform. It ingests a wide variety of fast data—including data trapped in enterprise databases via change data capture—and performs in-flight processing such as filtering, transformations, aggregations, and enrichment of streaming data with reference data.

For streaming analytics, it performs multi-source correlation, complex pattern matching, outlier detection, predictive analytics and more.  Via real-time alerts, visualization on interactive dashboards, and triggering workflows, Striim enables immediate insight and timely action. Striim delivers streaming data and results to all major Big Data solutions, Cloud environments, databases, messaging systems, machine learning tools, and other targets in real time.

Continuous Processing
All ingestion and processing is continuous as the data is generated
Sub-second Latency
Captures, processes, and delivers data and resulting insights in milliseconds.
Log-based CDC
Non-intrusive, minimal impact ingestion for relational databases
Flexible Time Windows
Provides time-based, event-based, and session-based windowing
Multi-Source Correlation
Correlates across multiple and varied sources including streams of enterprise data
In-Memory Computing (IMC)
Uses IMC for high-speed message infrastructure, data grid, event stream processing, and visualization

An Easy-to-Use Platform

You can deliver custom, real-time data integration and streaming analytics applications in just days. With prebuilt data pipelines, out-of-the-box wizards for configuration and coding, and a drag-and-drop dashboard builder, Striim speeds time-to-deployment. Its SQL-like language makes it easy to modify the applications as business needs change.

Additionally, Striim integrates rapidly with existing data management solutions and machine learning solutions to operationalize previously-defined models via stream processing. It offers unlimited extensibility by allowing users to bring their existing Java code.

Easy to Build

With an intuitive UI, wizards and SQL-based language, deliver custom apps in days

Easy to Modify

Familiar and easy-to-use for business analysts to modify applications using a SQL language

Easy to Extend

Bring your existing Java code and easily integrate with machine learning solutions

An Enterprise-Grade Platform

Striim’s distributed, modern architecture combines highly-optimized data serialization and windowing with in-memory computing. It enables linear scale-out using a low-cost compute infrastructure to support extreme and varied data volumes and velocity. It offers end-to-end security with granular and flexible access control and in-flight data encryption. With a fault-tolerant architecture and exactly-once processing (E1P), it ensures no events are missed or processed twice, taking time window contents into account.

Robust and Scalable
Built by the makers of GoldenGate Software to support mission-critical environments


Built-in authentication, authorization, protection, and encryption


Fault tolerant with checkpointing and rollback. E1P with time window management

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