Streaming Data Integration for On-Prem and Cloud

Striim Platform

Striim Platform makes it easy to ingest, process, and deliver real-time data across diverse environments in the cloud or on-premise, helping you rapidly adopt a modern data architecture.

An End-to-End Platform

Striim combines real-time data ingestion, stream processing, pipeline monitoring, and real-time delivery with validation in a single product. It continuously ingests a wide variety of high-volume, high-velocity data from enterprise databases via low-impact change data capture (CDC), log files, messaging systems, Hadoop, cloud applications, and IoT devices in real time.
Striim unified real-time data integration and streaming platform
Striim performs in-flight data processing such as filtering, transformations, aggregations, masking, and enrichment of streaming data with reference data before delivering with sub-second latency to diverse environments, in the cloud or on-premise.  Striim offers built-in pipeline monitoring and validation capabilities to trace and confirm the ingestion, processing, and delivery of streaming data.


Connect with your Data

Real-time data integration starts with our wizards. You can search and select from hundreds of templates to simplify building data flows.

4.0 wizards screenshot

The wizard will then lead you through the process of connecting to your source. As part of this process it will verify the source is configured correctly. In the case of CDC source, the verification includes permissions, and checking the database is set up to support CDC. 

4.0 wizard connection check

Control it like never before

The end result of a wizard is a data flow application – you can also create data flows from scratch. The data flow defines how to collect, process, and deliver data. The simplest data flow just has a source, a stream, and a target.

4.0 flow designer screenshot

This is suitable for use-cases where the data being delivered to the target is the same as the source. However, in many cases you will need to perform some processing on that data. This is achieved through continuous SQL queries optimized for streaming, real-time data.

Understand the journey

When your data flow application is running data is being continually ingested from your sources, processed in real-time and then delivered to the targets with very low latency. Our built-in dashboards and monitoring enable you to see the state of your data flows in real-time and easily identify any bottlenecks.

Striim can also validate that it has been delivered and provide visibility into the end-to-end lag. This level of visibility is essential for mission-critical systems that may have SLAs regarding how current the data is.

You can also drill down on any of the components in a data flow to see detailed statistics that includes read/write rate, lag, latency, cpu usage and many other metrics.

This detailed information can help identify any bottlenecks, and aids in tuning data flows for maximum performance and minimal latency.

Alert and automate

Striim offers out-of-the-box alerts that can be configured for a variety of metrics, keeping you up to date on the status and performance of your data flows.

In the case of errors, or failures, you can also automate workflows to perform corrective actions. By tapping into error or status streams you can trigger compensating data flows to start, or perform other actions to remediate problems.

Striim's alerting feature

Powerful Enterprise Platform

Connectors optimized for change

Striim ships with over a hundred connectors that are easily accessible through the UI and provide access to databases, messaging systems, file systems, sensors, cloud applications and many other environments – on-premise or in the cloud. Striim's connectors enable both initial loads and on-going change delivery in a heterogeneous way.

Infinitely scalable

The Striim Platform has been designed with a distributed clustered architecture that enables it to easily scale horizontally to meet your data processing needs. Starting with a single server instance, you can add more servers as your data collection and processing needs increase.

SQL-based transformations

Striim enables you to leverage your knowledge of SQL for real-time data processing and ETL. From filtering with WHERE clauses, through combining data with JOINs, to CASE statements and GROUP BYs, everything should feel familiar. Striim's SQL queries run continuously, in-memory, converting every piece of real-time data ingested by the connectors into the form required downstream.

Deploy anywhere

Striim is available to download for on-premise environments, and is also available in Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS marketplaces. If you want to deliver data to Snowflake, you can access Striim from Partner Connect, and docker images are available for containerized environments. Hybrid configurations are also possible through the Striim agent which can be installed close to your data to provide on-premise streams to cloud deployments.

High availability

Mission critical applications require continuous data. Striim has built-in recovery that can guarantee exactly-once or at-least-once processing (E1P / A1P) for your critical data flows. You can also run a Striim cluster to support high availability scenarios where applications can fail-over to other nodes in the case of issues to ensure zero-downtime.

Operational analytics

Striim offer custom dashboards for your own real-time analytical workloads. Leverage Striim's dashboards to deeply understanding your data flows, such as table volume metrics, alerting on data driven scenarios, and even incorporating machine learning into your analytics for deeper insight into your real-time data.

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