Get an up-to-the-second 360 view of your customers and deliver exceptional customer experience with real-time data integration and streaming.

Act on true real-time data that reveals customer needs.

Provide event-driven offers and actions, both in app and in person.

Embrace predictive analytics that drive digital transformation.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience

See what drives your customers to convert, make purchases, request support, make referrals, and come back for more. Striim lets you build intelligent applications that surface things like intent, negative or positive interactions, and key behaviors based on real-time data from any source.

Combine sources and channels in one place

Striim lets you integrate disparate sources of customer data from your CRM, applications, website, helpdesk system, and many more. Get a full view of your customers’ traits, preferences, historical behavior, and real-time activity across every channel.

Create event-driven experiences

Consistently drive amazing customer experiences by acting on event data as it happens. Striim makes it possible to update every app and system instantly so you can use streaming data to trigger special offers, timely notifications, and helpful recommendations to your customers as they use your products.

Connect third-party data sources

Uncover more opportunities to wow your customers by integrating external data sources that stream data from live events, real-time user behavior on other sites or apps, and market data that influences your decision-making.

Predict customer intent and behavior

Run ML-driven analysis on your data in transit, predicting trends and customer behavior before it happens. Striim helps you improve forecasting, increase sales and retention, and prevent churn by identifying possible friction and removing it.

Ready to put your data to action?

Striim is a unified data integration and streaming platform that enables real-time analytics across every facet of your operations. Keep data flowing from legacy solutions, proactively run your business, and reach new levels of speed and performance with Striim’s change data capture (CDC) for real-time ETL.