React to business events in real-time

Striim continuously ingests data from your legacy and modern data sources so you can analyze data in transit and feed fresh data to your business intelligence tools.

Respond to market changes and real-world events as they happen.

Provide event-driven offers and actions, both in app and in person.

Embrace predictive analytics to mitigate risks and identify opportunities.

Get instantaneous insights through real time analytics

Striim supports streaming analytics — correlation, anomaly detection, complex event processing, and machine learning on data streams — as well as continuous delivery of fresh data to BI tools.

Continuously ingest data

Keep data flowing from legacy and modern solutions alike with pipelines that reach unprecedented levels of speed and performance. Striim streams changes in real-time using change data capture (CDC) for real-time ETL.

Guarantee data freshness

With access to granular data integration metrics via a REST API, Striim customers can ensure data delivery Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in centralized monitoring and observability tools.

Enable ML-driven analytics

Incorporate machine learning into your analytics for deeper insight into your real-time data. Train machine learning models and make predictions from streaming event data so you can make smart decisions in the moment.

Ready to put your data to action?

Striim is a unified data integration and streaming platform that enables real-time analytics across every facet of your operations. Keep data flowing from legacy solutions, proactively run your business, and reach new levels of speed and performance with Striim’s change data capture (CDC) for real-time ETL.