Democratize your Data

Access, analyze, and operationalize business insights from virtually any data source, in any location.

Build a modern distributed data architecture.

Decentralize data ownership and architecture.

Ensure efficient data availability, access, and management.

Architecture that removes data roadblocks

Take a flexible, decentralized approach to data architecture that lets you scale operations faster and get more value out of your data. Striim data mesh helps enterprises companies collect, manage, and analyze huge data sets successfully.

Build a modern distributed data architecture

Empower each department and reduce your backlog of requests with a distributed set of data solutions. Give departmental leaders control over their domains and full visibility into company data that helps them make smart decisions, all in self-serve products that reduce the strain on engineers and analysts.

Increase organizational agility

Striim lets you integrate disparate sources of customer data from your CRM, applications, website, helpdesk system, and many more. Get a full view of your customers’ traits, preferences, historical behavior, and real-time activity across every channel.

Improve governance

Adopting a data mesh strategy requires implementing a set of rules that applies to all data products. Striim is a crucial part of the standardization process, transforming and enriching all data as it flows through pipelines and into a single repository for your organization.

Ready to put your data to action?

Striim is a unified data integration and streaming platform that enables real-time analytics across every facet of your operations. Keep data flowing from legacy solutions, proactively run your business, and reach new levels of speed and performance with Striim’s change data capture (CDC) for real-time ETL.