Real-time Operations

Build a responsive supply chain

Transform your business with highly responsive digital supply chains and operations powered by real-time data streaming.

Make your operations a competitive advantage.

Become more agile and responsive.

Eliminate the high cost of data latency.

Power your operations with real-time data

Whether you’re a Retailer, Manufacturer, or Airline, your operations and supply chain need to be ready to adapt quickly to fast-changing customer demands or unforeseen events. Powering your analytics or predictive modeling with the freshest data is critical and can make the difference between delighting or losing your customers. Striim enables you to pump terabytes of data with sub-second latency into cloud-based data lakehouses and data warehouses for analytics and machine learning enabling you to react to changes at the speed of thought.

Ingest data continually

With Striim, organizations can keep data flowing from legacy and modern solutions alike with pipelines that reach unprecedented levels of speed and performance. With Striim’s change data capture (CDC) technology, organizations are able to continously stream changes from on-premise and cloud databases.

Guarantee up-to-date data

Striim’s REST API lets you ensure that your data delivery Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are guaranteed by leveraging centralized monitoring and observability tools.

Make ML based data decisions

Use machine learning to get deeper insight into your real-time data. Train machine learning models and make predictions from streaming event data, so you can make smart decisions in the moment.

Ready to put your data to action?

Striim is a unified data integration and streaming platform that enables real-time analytics across every facet of your operations. Keep data flowing from legacy solutions, proactively run your business, and reach new levels of speed and performance with Striim’s change data capture (CDC) for real-time ETL.