Striim Recognized as a Top 10 Data Integration Vendor by Solutions Review

Based on the 2018 DBTA100 annual list that recognized the top 100 vendors in data management and analytics, Solutions Review analyzed the list and put together their top 10 data integration vendors, with Striim being included as one of the major vendors innovating in this area. Solutions Review

Data modernization is becoming standard for nearly every enterprise company, and adopting Streaming Integration is the first step in achieving this. The Striim platform was built from the ground up to provide an enterprise-grade solution that can handle the lifecycle of every piece of data, including real-time data integration, analytics and visualization.

We’re thrilled that Solutions Review has included us as a company to keep an eye on. Learn more about why the Striim platform was included in Solutions Review list by reading the article, “DBTA 100 2018: 10 Data Integration Vendors We’re Tracking.”

theCUBE: Steve Wilkes at Strata San Jose

At Strata San Jose in early March, Striim CTO Steve Wilkes sat down with Dave Vellante, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of SiliconANGLE Media, Inc., for an on-camera interview to discuss a number of items including the Striim platform, industry trends and event reactions. 

Particularly, Steve provided a great explanation on how the Striim platform is a complete end-to-end solution that can help organizations gain real-time insights from its data. Learn how customers are using Striim to achieve data modernization and how critical this is for industry challenges and changes by reading an article and watching the full interview, “Is This the Perfect Recipe for Data Streaming, Integration and Analysis,” on SiliconANGLE.



insideBIGDATA Slidecast: Striim – Streaming Integration with Intelligence

Are you new to Striim and looking for an overview on who we are and what we do? Or maybe you’re familiar and would like a general update on Striim or learn more about some of the latest company/platform announcements? Either way, you’re in luck!

Striim co-founder and CTO Steve Wilkes joined the “Rich Report Podcast” to discuss a number of areas regarding Striim and the data management industry. Steve provided a great background on the Striim platform, particularly how it was built to help organizations collect, process, and analyze its data the moment it’s born.

Steve connected the capabilities of the platform to the growing need that companies have (and will have) in interacting with its data in real time. While storage is becoming more limited, RAM and CPU have dropped in price, making a stronger case for more organizations to adopt a modern data architecture.

Finally, this 30-minute slidecast provides detailed information to version 3.8 of the Striim platform, which enhances the scalability and ease-of-use of its streaming integration and SQL-based stream processing capabilities for Kafka, as well as expands cloud integration to key environments.

Watch the slidecast and/or download an MP3 version, “Striim – Streaming Integration with Intelligence,” to learn more!


Datanami: Why 2018 Will Be the Year of the Data Engineer

Striim CTO Steve Wilkes was quoted in a Datanami article that discusses the growing importance and need of the data engineer, and why it’s so critical to developing and managing an organization’s data architecture.

While one of the buzzwords of today is “data scientists,” the article does a great job at highlighting just how necessary and important data engineers are to the growth and success of a business. It’s been documented that data scientists are a high priority, but it shouldn’t overshadow the fact that data engineers are also a well sought-after role.

Data engineers are essentially “plumbers” to an organization’s entire infrastructure, and play critical roles in providing data to the data scientists for analytical and transactional purposes.

One interesting aspect from the article notes that according to Glassdoor, there are 98,218 openings for data engineers, opposed to only 24,695; that’s nearly a 4:1 ratio.

Because of the shortage in data engineers, as well as the fact that more and more companies are working with its data in real time, in a streaming fashion, instead of throwing it in a data lake to operationalize later, data scientists are being tasked to have a say on the preparation side of data as well as the analytics.

Steve is quoted saying, “What we’re seeing more is the data scientist is getting involved in that initial data collection and starting to have more of a say in the data preparation side of thing – including doing in-memory data preparation, getting things in the right form, doing feature extraction – before it lands rather than after it lands,” Wilkes says. “People have been burned by [throwing the data into a lake]. They get very frustrated because of how difficult it is to get value.”

Learn more about the role of data engineers and why they’re so critical to businesses by reading “Why 2018 Will Be the Year of the Data Engineer.”

Forbes: 18 for ’18: Technology Predictions for the New Year

We’re excited to announce that Forbes has published an article by our very own CTO, Steve Wilkes, discussing the future outlook of technology for 2018!

The technology advances in 2017 may not have been dramatic, but they are critical in setting the stage for 2018 in what could be a breakout year for a variety of different industries and areas – from emerging tech such as AI and blockchain, to continued advancements in IoT and Big Data.

This article covers the full list of the 18 predictions that Steve believes will have the greatest impact in 2018 in the following areas:

  • Regulations
  • IoT
  • Big Data
  • Blockchain
  • Security
  • AI

Learn what Steve thinks this year has in store by reading Striim’s 18 for ’18: Technology Predictions for the New Year.

Striim Debuts a More User-friendly, Feature-filled Platform

RTInsights covered the release of version 3.8 of the Striim platform. The article discusses some of the updates in the release, such as making the platform more user friendly for streaming integration and SQL-based stream processing abilities for Apache Kafka. Its latest features include multi-threaded delivery into Kafka, allowing for improved performance and productivity. Its cloud integration function is also enhanced with the capability to collect real-time data from Amazon S3 and integrate real-time data into Azure HDInsight and Amazon Kineses.

HelpNetSecurity: New infosec products of the week​: January 19, 2018

Striim is included in HelpNetSecurity’s weekly product roundup article for its announcement on how the Striim platform can enable companies to more quickly and efficiently attain GDPR compliance.

In ensuring data privacy, Striim delivers on pseudonymization, which removes all personal identifiers by filtering, enriching, masking, obfuscating, and encrypting data while streaming.

Read the full article, “New infused products of the week: January 19, 2018

Datanami: Fueled by Kafka, Stream Processing Poised for Growth

Stemming from the release of version 3.8 of the Striim platform, Steve Wilkes is quoted numerously in this broad industry article about the growth of stream processing and the importance Apache Kafka is playing in dealing with the arduous demands of data generation.

Echoed by other thought leaders from a number of companies that have clients utilizing Kafka for a range of solutions, Steve highlights the importance of organizations dealing with its data in real time.

Striim has been supporting stream processing for Kafka environments for some time now, and it’s encouraging to see a steady rise in interest and demand. While stream processing is still looking to gain maturity in the enterprise, the bottom line is that organizations need to begin adopting a modern data architecture in order gain insight from its data while it still has value. There’s just too much data being generated to continue relying on traditional ETL and batch methods.

Steve closes the article by saying, “We’re seeing that a lot of customers are still at the point of obtaining streaming sources. They understand the need to get a real-time data infrastructure. The integration piece always comes first. The next stage after you have access to the streaming data is starting to think about the analytics.”

Learn more about stream processing and what else Steve has to say by reading the full article, “Fueled by Kafka, Stream Processing Fueled by Growth.”

DBTA: ‘Trend-Setting Products for 2018’ List

Striim is proud to announce that the Striim Platform has been recognized on DBTA’s annual ‘Trend-Setting Products’ list for 2018!

This list highlights companies who offer innovative products or services that enable enterprise companies to address evolving challenges and opportunities. Striim was recognized for its capabilities in Data and Information Management.

Learn more about our recognition by reading our blog post, “Striim Platform Recognized as a ‘Trend-Setting Product for 2018’ by DBTA,” as well as the full list of innovative products on

Datanami: Embracing the Future – The Push for Data Modernization Today

We’re pleased to announce that Datanami published an article written by Striim CTO Steve Wilkes on the future of Data Modernization!

The post takes a hard look at today’s enterprise challenges, the current need for a modern data architecture and how we got here, and how a Streaming First architecture can help alleviate many of these issues. 

Technology is moving at such a fast pace that it’s overwhelming many business leaders in the enterprise. There are so many more challenges facing organizations today, such as dealing with disruptive technologies, high data volumes and velocity, changing regulatory requirements, etc., that it’s difficult to decide which technologies is most applicable for the business.

Business leaders need to weigh the pros and cons of spending IT dollars on updating their systems with the benefits of investing in innovation. There is always the potential for early adopters to disrupt their industry, taking away market share from other organizations.

Steve explains that, due to the drop in price for CPU and RAM, as well as the exponential growth in data that will far exceed our ability to store it all, collecting and analyzing data in real time will become necessary for organizations in the future.

Because of this, investing in a streaming first architecture is critical. By using Change Data Capture on legacy databases, enterprises will be able tor reap the benefits of a modern data architecture without ripping and replacing all of their current technologies. This is the first key step in Data Modernization.

To learn more about how the industry has shifted towards a Streaming First architecture and how organizations can begin to adopt it in a realistic timeframe, read Steve’s article, Embracing the Future – The Push for Data Modernization Today, on Datanami!


USA Today: ‘Best Companies for Women’ List by Comparably

Striim is thrilled to announce that Comparably has recognized Striim as one of the top ’25 Best Small/Mid-Size Companies for Women’ in the US. The Best Companies for Women list was based solely on the results of an employee feedback survey.

Striim did extremely well based on the findings. According to the results, Striim finished in the top 5 percent of similar sized companies in the US for gender, along with a number of other Comparably categories. To discover the other survey results, you can visit Striim’s page on Comparably.

The technology industry in particular is in a critical period that requires a more well-balanced workforce. Striim is proud to support the various Women in Technology initiatives and hope that recognitions such as this will help reduce the gender gap in high tech.

View the Best Companies for Women list in its entirety on USA Today!



BusinessInsider: ‘Best Place to Work’ List by Comparably

Striim is thrilled to announce that Comparably has chosen Striim for one of its most prestigious lists: Best Places to Work! Based on an employee feedback survey, Striim was selected as one of 50 companies that encompasses a strong workplace environment. 

The survey asked employees a number of different workplace-related questions. Needless to say, Striim employees REALLY enjoy working here!

Based on the results, Striim received an overall A+ rating based on high rankings in a number of Comparably categories. Striim is ranked among the Top 5 Companies in the US (compared to companies of similar size) in the following November 2017 lists:

  • Top 5 Leadership Team – 1st with a score of 98/100
  • Top 5 CEO Rating – Tied for 2nd with a score of 98/100
  • Top 5 Overall Culture in San Francisco – Tied for 1st with a score of 93/100
  • Top 5 eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) – Tied for 1st with a score of 100/100

Additionally, Striim is ranked among the Top 5% of similarly sized companies in the US for:

  • Future Outlook of Company
  • Quality of Coworkers
  • Compensation
  • Diversity
  • Gender

To find out more about the great survey results, you can visit Striim’s page on Comparably.

To view the full Best Places to Work list, VIEW THE COVERAGE on BusinessInsider!

insideBIGDATA: Strata Data Conference New York City 2017 – Roundup

insideBIGDATA wrote a roundup of the 2017 Strata Data Conference in NYC, and highlighted Striim in the piece for promoting how the Striim Platform can provide a holistic approach to real-time enterprise security analysis.

The inclusion in the piece provides further details on how the Striim platform can augment and enhance current SIEM (security information and event management) enterprise solutions.

Learn more by reading the article, “Strata Data Conference New York City 2017 – Roundup.”

insideBIGDATA: End-to-End SQL-based Streaming Data Platform Simplifies and Speeds Delivery of Kakfa-driven Analytics Applications

Following the launch of version 3.7.4 of the Striim platform, insideBIGDATA published an article highlighting the key updates, most notably the bolstering of its ease of use, connectivity, manageability and scalability for delivering streaming analytics applications involving Apache Kafka. While SQL-based integration with Kafka has been available for previous product releases, 3.7.4 includes utilities to help users quickly and easily scale Kafka applications by gathering baseline performance metrics for real world applications that involve parsing, formatting, buffer management and external connectivity.

Regarding this further integration with Apache Kafka, Alok Pareek, Co-founder and EVP of Products at Striim, is quoted in the piece saying, “It’s a daunting challenge, integrating multiple tiers when building Streaming Applications with Kafka as an underlying message store. Striim makes that problem go away. For several years, Striim has been the leader in defining an integrated Streaming Data Platform that includes not just Kafka, but also SQL-based applications and universal connectivity with a wide variety of event delivery semantics. With the 3.74 release, we have added Kafka diagnostic utilities, advanced monitoring metrics, and additional connectors to reduce the complexity of managing Kafka in production environments.”

Read the full article, “End-to-End, SQL-based Streaming Data Platform Simplifies and Speeds Delivery of Kafka-driven Analytics Applications.”

eWeek: Linux Foundation Launches EdgeX Foundry for IoT Edge Interoperability

Striim has been recognized as a founding member of the EdgeX Foundry.

Led by the Linux Foundation, the EdgeX Foundry is an open source project to build a common open framework for Internet of Things (IoT) edge computing and an ecosystem of interoperable components that unifies the marketplace and accelerates enterprise and Industrial IoT.

Being able to process and analyze data the moment it’s born is becoming increasingly important to enterprise companies, and edge computing will continue to play a critical role in this. However, one of the main barriers in the adoption of edge computing in the IoT arena is the lack of communication between connected devices, applications and services. With IoT still considered an emerging technology, there has yet to be a standard developed for open communication.

Striim believes that, at its core, IoT is fundamentally an integration problem. The launch of EdgeX Foundry is a great first step in bringing together influential technology providers to enable interoperability in the IoT space. Enterprise companies, instead of being limited to only certain technologies that work within their architecture, will soon have the ability to choose best-in-class services and devices that work seamlessly in their environment, cutting down its implementation time to gain valuable data-driven insights.

Read the full article, “Linux Foundation Launches EdgeX Foundry for IoT Edge Interoperability.”

Session Overview: Intersection of IoT and Cloud

Sys-Con Media LogoSteve Wilkes, founder and CTO of Striim, was recently mentioned in an article that highlights his upcoming session at The Internet of Things Expo. His session will focus on four enterprise-scale, business-critical case studies where streaming analytics serves as the key to enabling real-time data integration and right-time insights in hybrid cloud, IoT, and fog computing environments.

In addition to this, Steve will be presenting a demo that was created in partnership with Fujitsu that highlights the technology in a healthcare IoT use-case. The demo will exhibit the tracking of emergency room patients in real-time.

The Internet of @ThingsExpo will be held June 6th-8th at Javits Center in New York City.