Striim Redefining Digital Capabilities in Qatar with Google Cloud

Doha, Qatar, October 23, 2023 – In an era where real-time insights shape business trajectories, Striim, Inc. unveiled a partnership with Google Cloud, in Qatar. As Google Cloud amplifies its footprint in the Doha region, the collaboration with Striim emerges as a beacon for enterprises aiming to optimize their digital landscapes.

“In today’s rapidly evolving cloud landscape, real-time data insights remain a critical component of every enterprise’s digital transformation strategy,” said Ritika Suri, Director of Technology Partnerships at Google Cloud. “Utilizing Google Cloud technologies, Striim will power new capabilities that can improve how businesses operate and create real-world value for their organizations.”

“Striim is humbled and excited to launch our fully managed SaaS service in the new Google Cloud region in Doha,” stated Nadim Antar, Senior Vice President of WW Revenue and GM of EMEA at Striim. “This move follows our global strategy to bring the Striim capabilities to as many of Google Cloud’s worldwide customers, being cognizant to remain compliant with various regions’ data sovereignty requirements, as well as of course ensuring we provide high performance, low latency service for Google Cloud’s global customer base. Customers in Qatar will now very easily be able to spin up a Striim service and start replicating their transactional systems like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server into Google Cloud’s BigQuery analytics platform to run a suite of real-time use cases, thereby enabling those customers to deliver higher levels of customer service, operational efficiency, and cost optimisations.”

Businesses today are in a race, not just against competitors, but against time. Real-time data streaming, intelligent analytics, and instantaneous decision-making aren’t luxuries; they’re essentials. Enter Striim Cloud. A flagship offering, it stands as a testament to Striim’s commitment to bridging the real-time data gap with Google Cloud’s robust platform. This partnership promises to deliver:

  • Instantaneous Insights: Understand market shifts, customer behavior, and operational anomalies as they happen, positioning your enterprise at the forefront of actionable intelligence.
  • Operational Excellence: With Striim’s solutions, businesses can improve efficiency, thereby achieving unparalleled agility in response to dynamic market needs.
  • Competitive Edge: Real-time analytics translates to real-time advantages – a quintessential requirement for businesses vying for market leadership.

To understand how your enterprise can be part of this digital revolution, delve deeper into Striim’s offerings on Google Cloud.

About Striim

Striim, Inc. is the only supplier of unified, real-time data streaming and integration for analytics and operations in the Digital Economy. Striim Platform and Striim Cloud make it easy to continuously ingest, process, and deliver high volumes of real-time data from diverse sources (both on-premises or in the cloud) to support multi- and hybrid cloud infrastructure. Striim collects data in real time from enterprise databases (using non-intrusive change data capture), log files, messaging systems, and sensors, and delivers it to virtually any target on-premises or in the cloud with sub-second latency enabling real-time operations and analytics. For more information, visit, read our blog at, follow @striimteam, or download the Striim platform.


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