CIO: The Future of Big Data and AI Boils Down to One Thing

Based on a great conversation at Strata NY between Steve Wilkes, co-founder and CTO of Striim, and Charles Araujo, analyst at Intellyx and contributor to CIO, Steve was included in a great article that takes a hard look at big data, analytics, and AI.

In the article, “The Future of Big Data and AI Boils Down to One Thing,” Charles’ thesis is that while the focus for these technologies are on the mechanics, which is important, “…they are not the reason that any of these disciplines exist. When it comes to big data, analytics, and AI the value does not come from collecting the data, or even from deriving some insight from it – value comes from just one thing: action.”

Part of the conversation shifted to machine learning initiatives, and Steve had to say this about how organizations can operationalize it: “Stream processing and streaming analytics are an essential part of operationalizing machine learning. If you can move the data scientists upstream and have them work with stream processing…then they can build the model and then inject that model into the data stream…and make real-time predictions and perform real-time analytics.”