Forbes: Real-Time Data is for Much More Than Analytics

As the world moves faster and organizations need to gain insights from their data to remain competitive, the concept of real-time analytics, fast data, and streaming analytics is becoming more of a priority for business leaders. Real-time data for real-time analytics (or streaming analytics, as it’s otherwise known) is one of the most talked about use cases, but there’s so much more that can be done with real-time data.

In this contributed post by Steve Wilkes, Founder and CTO of Striim, Steve goes into detail about the importance of real-time data outside of the context of just analytics. In the piece, Steve discusses how real-time data impacts your cloud adoption, why it’s a precursor to analytics, and tears down misconceptions that cause organizations to hesitate in adopting a streaming-first architecture.

For Steve’s full article, read “Real-Time Data is for Much More Than Analytics” on Forbes.