Performing Oracle CDC (Change Data Capture) for Real-Time Data Movement and Stream Processing

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Using Striim for Oracle CDC enables you to move data in real time to a variety of cloud and on-prem targets.Oracle CDC

Companies are moving to the cloud and other modern data infrastructures in order to make the best use of their enterprise data. Technological advancement has reached a point where enterprise companies can use all types of data from devices, databases, machines, etc. for highly sophisticated analytics. The question is, how do you appropriately modernize your data architecture to take advantage of these advanced solutions for maximum operational value?

Let’s say you have your customer data in Oracle databases and have decided to modernize your analytics solutions to reap the cost and agility benefits that the cloud has to offer. Or you choose to use advanced analytics services such as machine learning, readily set up for you in the cloud. If you would like to gain operational value from your new analytics environment, you need to make sure that the data is streaming to your cloud solution close to, if not, real time. Working with a day old, or even hours old, data will limit the insights you can gain and prevent you from influencing operational decisions.  To make critical data-driven operational decisions, you need to use all the relevant data while it is still relevant.

An easy way to share critical transactions stored in enterprise databases in real time is by using streaming data integration with Oracle CDC. The log-based CDC method reads the database transactions in Oracle redo logs and collects the insert, update, delete operations as soon as the transactions commit; without impacting the performance of source systems.

With a streaming data integration solution, such as Striim, these database transactions are applied to the target environment instantaneously and with transaction integrity. By ingesting transactional data from Oracle via CDC, your analytics solutions can use timely data to help you address time-sensitive operational issues. In short, by using Striim’s Oracle CDC reader, you transform your database into a streaming source and move your critical transactional data to cloud environments or real-time applications running on Kafka, Kudu, or Cassandra for operational use cases.

To learn more about the benefits of Oracle CDC, as well as how to get started, using Striim, please visit our Change Data Capture product page, schedule a quick demo with a Striim technologist, or download a free trial of the Striim platform and try it for yourself!