Integrate Real-Time Data to Azure SQL Database From a Wide Variety of Data Sources

The Striim platform runs in the Azure Cloud as a PaaS offering and simplifies the real-time data integration from a broad range of on-premise and cloud-based sources into Azure SQL Database and SQL Server databases running on Azure.

With secure, scalable and reliable real-time data delivery combined with built-in processing for data-in-motion, it provides timely data with full context for any downstream operation, such as reporting and hybrid transactional and analytical processing.

What is Striim for Azure SQL Database

Striim automates the real-time collection, preparation, and movement of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data from databases, cloud data stores, log files, messaging systems, sensors, and Hadoop solutions into Azure SQL Database. For real-time data ingestion from enterprise databases (including Oracle, SQL Server, HPE NonStop, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Amazon RDS for Oracle, and Amazon RDS for MySQL) Striim uses low-impact CDC to avoid any modification or performance impact on source production systems.

Using continuous SQL-based queries via its drag-and-drop UI, Striim allows you to filter, transform, aggregate, join, mask, enrich data-in-motion before delivering to SQL DB with sub-second latency. Striim supports additional targets such as Kafka, Hadoop, files, NoSQL databases etc.

Streaming Integration to Azure SQL DB
  • Offload operational reporting to Azure SQL DB by automating real-time ingestion of high-volume data
  • Report on transactional data without any impact on sources
  • Pre-process data-in-motion before delivery to store the data in the right format for operational decision making
  • Reduce expensive ETL cycles and unnecessary access paths
  • Synchronize partial data sets for reporting avoiding batch inefficiencies
Why Striim for Azure SQL Database

By leveraging Striim to feed your Azure SQL Database or SQL Server databases running on Azure you can:

  • Continuously collect, prepare, and move real-time data into Azure SQL Database without performance impact on source systems
  • Automate real-time data flow to easily offload operational workloads to Azure
  • Speed data preparation for downstream users without adding latency
  • Maximize the lifetime of the Azure environment by storing only the relevant data you need, in the format you need
  • Gain more value from applications that use Azure SQL Database by providing more timely and relevant data to these applications