Move real-time data to Azure Cosmos DB from a wide variety of data sources

Striim simplifies the real-time collection and movement of data from a wide variety of on-premise sources, including enterprise document and relational databases, sensors, and log files into Azure Cosmos DB. It provides non-intrusive change data capture (CDC) for major databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, HPE NonStop, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Amazon RDS for Oracle, and Amazon RDS for MySQL.

While the data is streaming, Striim enables in-flight processing and enrichment before delivering to Azure Cosmos DB, providing full context for real-time reporting, IoT analytics, and transaction processing.

Why Striim for Azure Cosmos DB

Striim runs in the Azure Cloud and offers a secure, reliable, and scalable service for real-time collection, preparation, and movement of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data (including telemetry data) into Azure Cosmos DB. With low-impact CDC capabilities, it minimizes any impact on source systems.

With support for diverse data sources and in-flight processing and enrichment, it solves the problem of translating relational and other structured sources into document form. By offering real-time data movement from heterogeneous data sources, such as Oracle and SQL Server, continuously, Striim enables Azure customers to migrate data into Cosmos DB without database downtime.

Streaming Integration to Cosmos DB for Reporting

  • Offload operational reporting to Cosmos DB by automating real-time ingestion of high-velocity data, including IoT data
  • Report on transactional data without any impact on source databases
  • Synchronize partial data sets for reporting avoiding batch inefficiencies
  • Prepare data-in-motion before delivery to Cosmos DB to store the data in the right format for operational decision making
  • Easily convert structured data to document form via Striim’s wizards-based, drag-and-drop UI
  • Continuously monitor your data pipelines with real-time alerts

Streaming Integration for Big Data Analytics

  • Set up Cosmos DB for real-time applications as part of your advanced big data analytics solution
  • Stream real-time data from a diverse set of data sources to enable rich and timely analytics in Azure
  • Process data-in-motion to speed time-to-insight and minimize latency, while reducing on-premise ETL efforts
  • Maximize the value gained from your Azure environment by storing only the relevant data you need, in the format you need