Striim and Microsoft Azure

Continuous, real-time data movement to a variety of Azure data and analytics products, with in-flight stream processing

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Real-Time Continuous Data Movement

Striim is proud to be a Global Partner of Microsoft. Striim enables continuous, real-time data movement and in-stream transformations from a wide variety of sources, including Oracle Exadata, Teradata and Amazon Redshift, into a wide variety of Azure solutions including Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure databases, and other Azure Analytics Services.

You can learn more about our key solutions below and read our Quickstart Guide to help you get started with real-time data pipelines to other Azure services.

Why Striim For Azure Cloud Analytics?

Real Time

  • Continuously move and deliver real-time data from data warehouses such as Oracle Exadata, Teradata and Amazon Redshift, as well as databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and HPE NonStop, to Azure Cloud Analytics Services.


  • Continuously collect data from in-production sources with negligible impact. Make your operational data available immediately for Azure cloud-based analytics.


  • Simplify and speed development via intuitive, wizards-based development. Write processing using SQL queries. Get started in minutes.