Striim Announces Strategic Partnership with Snowflake to Drive Cloud-Based Data-Driven Analytics

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We are excited to announce that we’ve entered into a strategic partnership with Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud, in which Striim will be used to move real-time data into Snowflake. Through this strategic partnership, Snowflake users will be empowered to gain fast insights from their cloud-based analytics.

Enterprise companies are quickly adopting Snowflake because its architecture is built from the ground up for the cloud. Snowflake offers speed, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, along with zero management. In order to attain fast analytics, you need access to real-time data, and that’s where Striim comes in. Striim is leveraging its vast real-time data integration capabilities to enable Snowflake users to collect and move data from a variety of sources into their environment to accelerate their data-driven analytics.

Striim uses low-impact change data capture (CDC) to move data from existing on-prem databases, including SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, HPE NonStop, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Amazon RDS. Striim can also help you migrate data warehouses such as Teradata, Netezza, Amazon Redshift, and Oracle Exadata. Additionally, Striim can collect from messaging systems, Hadoop, log files, sensors, and security devices and other systems. Striim also has analytical capabilities to monitor and measure transaction lag and alert when SLAs are not met.

Through CDC, Striim can handle large volumes of enterprise data securely and reliably. Along with its CDC capabilities, Striim adds further value through in-flight processing, transformations, and denormalization to further assist Snowflake users in providing quicker analysis by continuously delivering data to Snowflake in the right format, and with added context.

Striim has a number of use cases with customers using the solution for both online migrations and continuous integration to Snowflake.

For example, Attentia, a Belgian company that offers HR and Well-Being services, is a joint customer that was searching for a low-latency streaming integration solution that was scalable and also offered a secure data warehouse with analytical options. Attentia’s goal was to enable employees to instantly query their personal information, as well as allow employers to identify trends and patterns from the data.

With Striim + Snowflake, Attentia has been delivering real-time data and analytics using CDC from Oracle to Azure for streamlined operations. The partnership between Striim and Snowflake has dramatically enhanced Attentia’s business operations, enabling them to make faster, smarter decisions based on their real-time data.

To learn more about the Striim-Snowflake solution and Striim’s partnership with Snowflake, please read our press release, visit our Striim for Snowflake product page, or set up a quick demo with a Striim technologist.