Solutions for Snowflake Customers

Striim Cloud provides Snowflake customers the benefit of data migration and replication to Snowflake from existing on-prem or cloud-based data warehouses, relational and noSQL databases, Kafka, files/logs, and more.

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Why use Striim and Snowflake together?

Process, enrich, and analyze your streaming data while it is in-flight. Striim performs in-line transformations, including denormalization, filtering, enrichment and masking, before delivering your data to Snowflake.

Leverage your knowledge of SQL

Striim enables you to perform real-time data processing and ETL without learning another language.

Accelerate business insights

Striim’s real-time ETL process delivers the data in a consumable format for advanced analytics applications allowing you to accelerate your time to insight.

Handle large volumes of data

In-flight data transformation allows effective handling of large data volumes via filtering.

Simplify your architecture

In-flight processing reduces architectural complexity, enabling end-to-end recoverability and resiliency.

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