Striim and Snowflake Announce Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Data-Driven Analytics in the Cloud

PALO ALTO, CA – April 16, 2019 Striim®, provider of an enterprise-grade platform for streaming data integration, today announced a strategic partnership with Snowflake, Inc., the data warehouse built for the cloud, to simplify and speed loading of real-time data to Snowflake, accelerating data-driven analytics in the cloud.

Striim’s real-time data integration capabilities provide Snowflake customers running in Microsoft Azure or AWS the benefit of a phased migration to Snowflake from existing on-premises or cloud-based data warehouses, databases, and other data sources. One such customer, Attentia, is using Striim and Snowflake on Azure to deliver real-time data, advanced analytics, and streamlined operations.

Joint customers such as Attentia benefit from the speed, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of Snowflake’s zero-management, cloud-built data warehouse. With Snowflake, analytics that used to take hours, or even days, can be delivered in minutes, and the data warehouse can scale up and down on-the-fly, without delay or disruption. Snowflake’s cloud-built architecture delivers a level of flexibility and efficiency that simply isn’t possible with a traditional data warehouse, or with a big data platform that has been shifted to the cloud.

“We are delighted to partner with Striim for their streaming ETL capabilities. With Striim, Snowflake customers can ingest a wide range of real-time data in a consumable format to feed rich analytics,”Snowflake’s Vice President of Alliances, Walter Aldana said. “Striim’s built-in scalability, security, and reliability bridges the adoption of Snowflake for time-sensitive, operational decision making.”

For continuous data loading to Snowflake, Striim powers ingestion of real-time data from major enterprise databases using low-impact change data capture (CDC). As an enterprise-grade platform, Striim supports extremely large data volumes with built-in security and reliability. In addition, Striim’s in-flight processing, denormalization, and transformations further help Snowflake customers speed time-to-analysis by feeding data continuously to Snowflake in the right format.

“Striim and Snowflake share a mission to enable every organization to be data-driven. However, to be data-driven, companies must first gain access to the data by building the real-time data pipelines that can continuously feed their analytics and reporting,” said Alok Pareek, co-founder and EVP of Products at Striim. “By making it easy to build streaming data pipelines to load real-time data to Snowflake, Snowflake customers can more quickly enable their modern data management, data warehousing, and data analytics initiatives. We are thrilled to be a strategic partner with Snowflake in this effort.”

Attentia, an innovative company in Belgium offering HR and Well-being solutions, was looking for a zero-maintenance solution to enable streaming data integration that is both near-real-time and scalable, and also provides a secure data warehouse including analytical capabilities.

“By streaming enterprise data to Snowflake with built-in scalability, security, and reliability, Striim and Snowflake gave us the right answer to our challenge,” said Davy Vande Cappelle, head of architecture at Attentia. “To make our implementation even easier, the pay-per-use model allowed us to do this in the most affordable way.”

Striim makes it easy to load data to Snowflake from data warehouses (including Oracle Exadata, Teradata, Amazon Redshift, Netezza), databases (including Oracle, SQL Server, HPE NonStop, MongoDB, Amazon RDS, PostgreSQL, MySQL), log files from security devices and other systems, sensors, messaging systems, and Hadoop solutions. For more information on the combined Snowflake-Striim solution, please visit

About Striim:

The Striim®platform is an enterprise-grade streaming data integration solution for moving data in real time to the cloud and other targets. Striim makes it easy to continuously ingest and process high volumes of streaming data from diverse sources (both on-premises or in the cloud) to support hybrid cloud infrastructure, as well as Kafka, Hadoop, and NoSQL integration. Striim can collect data from enterprise databases (using non-intrusive change data capture), log files, messaging systems, and sensors in real time, and deliver to virtually any target on-premises or in the cloud with sub-second latency. For more information, visit, read our blog at,  follow @striimteam, or download the Striim platform.