How Macy’s Leveraged Striim’s Real-Time Data for Operational Excellence and Cost Savings

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Macy’s, a leading American department store chain, embarked on a transformative journey to modernize its platform, streamline operations, and enhance customer experiences. Partnering with Striim and Google Cloud, Macy’s leveraged advanced data integration and cloud technologies to overcome significant challenges and achieve remarkable results. This blog explores the challenges Macy’s encountered, how Striim provided an effective solution, and the impressive results achieved through this collaboration.

About Macy’s

Macy’s is a leading American department store chain renowned for its wide range of products, including apparel, accessories, cosmetics, home furnishings, and more. Established in 1858, Macy’s has become an iconic retail brand known for its flagship locations, annual Thanksgiving Day Parade, and commitment to providing quality products and exceptional customer service. With a strong presence both online and in physical stores, Macy’s continues to adapt to changing market trends and consumer needs, maintaining its status as a prominent player in the retail industry.


As consumer expectations and market dynamics rapidly changed, Macy’s faced several critical challenges that highlighted the need for platform modernization:

  1. Data Inconsistencies Across Databases: Macy’s operated with various databases, including DB2 on the mainframe and Oracle. This fragmented data environment led to inconsistencies and a lack of a unified data view, impacting decision-making and operational efficiency.
  2. High Maintenance and Licensing Costs: The legacy mainframe systems were not only expensive to maintain but also required substantial licensing fees. These costs were eating into Macy’s profitability, necessitating a move towards more cost-effective solutions.
  3. Speed to Market: The dispersion of data across multiple systems hindered Macy’s ability to develop and deploy applications swiftly. The time-consuming data consolidation processes delayed new initiatives, impacting Macy’s agility in responding to market trends.
  4. Inconsistent Customer Experiences: Discrepancies in inventory data between online and in-store channels resulted in inconsistent customer experiences. Out-of-stock situations and inventory surpluses were common, especially during peak shopping periods, frustrating customers and affecting sales.
  5. Complexity in Migrating Legacy Systems: The inability to sunset existing legacy systems added to the complexity of Macy’s operations. Transitioning to a modern cloud infrastructure was crucial to reduce dependency on outdated technologies and streamline processes.

Striim’s Solution

Striim’s comprehensive solution facilitated Macy’s migration to a modern, cloud-based infrastructure by leveraging Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services such as Cloud Spanner, Pub/Sub, and BigQuery. By replicating data from mainframe and Oracle databases to GCP, Striim created a unified data source, eliminating inconsistencies and providing a reliable foundation for decision-making and analytics. Real-time data synchronization ensured consistent customer experiences across online and in-store channels, preventing out-of-stock scenarios and enabling efficient inventory management. Striim’s architecture, featuring multiple Virtual Machines (VMs), ensured high availability and minimized downtime, enhancing disaster recovery capabilities. Additionally, the flexibility of Google Cloud allowed Macy’s to scale operations seamlessly during peak shopping periods like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, ensuring optimal performance and an exceptional user experience. By migrating data from costly mainframe systems to Google Cloud, Macy’s significantly reduced maintenance and licensing expenses, leading to substantial cost savings and improved profitability.

"Striim helped us modernize our platforms and achieve real-time visibility, syncing our inventory data to prevent out-of-stock or surplus situations during peak holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday."
Neel Chinta
IT Manager at Macy’s


The collaboration between Macy’s and Striim yielded remarkable results, underscoring the effectiveness of Striim’s real-time data integration platform:

  1. Improved Operational Efficiency: Real-time data integration streamlined inventory and order management processes. This reduced the time and effort required for these tasks, allowing Macy’s to focus more on strategic initiatives and business growth.
  2. Significant Cost Savings: The transition to Google Cloud resulted in substantial cost reductions in maintenance and licensing fees. Macy’s decreased dependence on expensive legacy systems, freeing up resources for other critical investments.
  3. Seamless Customer Experience: Consistent and real-time data flow across all channels ensured that customers enjoyed a uniform experience. This consistency prevented out-of-stock situations and managed inventory effectively, particularly during high-demand periods.
  4. Faster Time to Market: With a unified data source in the cloud, Macy’s accelerated application development and deployment. This agility enabled the company to quickly respond to market changes and customer needs, providing a competitive edge.
  5. Support for Digital Transformation: The successful implementation of real-time data pipelines and cloud migration supported Macy’s broader digital transformation goals. This positioned Macy’s to better compete in the rapidly evolving retail landscape, leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance operations and customer engagement.
"Striim gives us a single source of truth across domains and speeds up our time to marketing delivering a cohesive experience across different systems."
Neel Chinta
IT Manager at Macy’s

Striim Powers Macy’s Digital Transformation

Macy’s journey of digital transformation, powered by Striim’s real-time data integration platform, is a testament to the impact of modernizing data infrastructure in the retail inddurty. By addressing critical challenges and enabling a seamless, scalable, and cost-effective solution, Striim helped Macy’s achieve significant operational improvements and cost savings.

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