Kafka Stream Processing + Cloud Integration Lead 47 Features / Enhancements in Striim v 3.8

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Striim is proud to announce the launch of version 3.8 of the Striim platform, with 47 new and enhanced capabilities!

Since May 2016, Striim has offered Apache Kafka users both change data capture (CDC) and SQL-based stream processing. The Striim platform provides the most comprehensive, battle-tested, enterprise-grade Kafka data integration and Kafka stream processing solutions.

The Striim platform is a non-intrusive, end-to-end streaming integration solution for moving change data from transactional systems into Kafka, as well as other data targets, that is easy to both configure and use. In addition, Striim enables users to query and analyze data in Kafka with a SQL-based language, and visualize and deliver that processed data to both cloud and on-prem data stores.

Striim version 3.8 further enhances its streaming Kafka integration and SQL-based stream processing capabilities, enabling extreme scalability and even greater ease-of-use for users.

Striim version 3.8 encapsulates new features including multi-threaded delivery to enhance performance for real-time streaming into Kafka. The platform’s multi-threaded delivery comes with automated thread management within a single Apache Kafka Writer, providing support for higher throughput environments as well as significant performance and easier scalability in a single-node Striim implementation.

Furthermore, the Striim platform can now read from Kafka queues through an enhanced reader with automated mapping of partitions, which streamlines development productivity and accelerates time to market.

Along with updated Kafka capabilities, Striim version 3.8 continues to expand its integration for cloud environments. Version 3.8 now supports the integration of real-time data into Microsoft Azure HDInsight, supporting both Kafka and Hadoop implementations on Azure. Striim also adds the integration of real-time data into Amazon Kinesis, as well as the ability to read data on AWS S3 and share between on-prem systems and other cloud environments in real time.

In response to customer requests, Striim has also enhanced the platform’s data exploration capabilities by enabling users to search streaming data, and compare real-time data to historical averages and specific past dates and times, without requiring coding.

Other key updates included in version 3.8 include:

  • The addition of session-based windowing to existing time-based and count-based windows, providing flexibility to process real-life scenarios with SQL language.
  • The ability to incorporate Striim graphs into web sites, making it easy for Striim data and insights to be shared with both internal and external customers.
  • Enhanced monitoring of application load balancing to check the resource level of Striim nodes and automatically balances the workload between nodes.
  • Service-based provisioning making the Striim platform and its capabilities accessible via Rest API to different users across the enterprise for faster and simpler deployment of new Striim projects.
  • File metadata management for data lineage and better file data governance.
  • Support for the OPC UA, a widely used protocol for industrial IoT.
  • Support for log-based change data capture (CDC) for MariaDB, further enhancing its support for open source environments.

To learn more about the importance and benefits of version 3.8 of the Striim platform, please read our press release, “Striim Enhances SQL-Based Stream Processing for Apache Kafka.”