Super Bowl Technology Mishaps and Real-Time Rescues

TechCrunchLogoStackedAre you ready for a high-tech, fiasco-free Super Bowl this year? The Super Bowl is the crowning glory of sports in the United States, but it hasn’t been without its mishaps. With today’s Super Bowl 50, the world is wondering whether the tech-capital of the world is equipped to pull off an event of this magnitude without breaking a sweat. Clearly, expectations are high and Super Bowl 50 is already being positioned as the most technologically advanced football game ever played.

How does technology today handle the massive traffic overloads, and trigger alerts preemptively in order to avoid unexpected outages during the game? Streaming data in real-time from crowd-sourcing apps, real-time road-sensors, and streaming analytics have the ability to dynamically reroute and avoid the worst of the traffic; while GPS with real-time location tracking can notify the NFL of an upcoming predicament.

In this article, Steve Wilkes, founder and CTO of Striim, shares with the TechCrunch world how today’s real time technologies could have been applied for simple fixes to the potentially catastrophic mishaps of Super Bowl’s past.

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