Striim and the Future of Streaming Data and Analytics

Sami Akbay interview in The Connection, HPE's Connect magazine.In the most recent edition of HPE NonStop’s The Connection magazine, Sami Akbay, Striim founder and EVP chats with NuWave Technologies about Striim’s GoldenGate Software heritage, and what is on the horizon in the ever-changing world of streaming data and analytics: Striim and the Future of Streaming Data and Analytics.

The article highlights the relevance of Striim platform to the HPE NonStop community, which ingests streaming data from a wide variety of sources including NonStop, transforms and processes the data as it’s streaming, and delivers it to a wide variety of systems in real time. Sami explains that the platform makes sense of data as it’s created, enabling businesses to immediately access the insights that can drive their business.

Sami goes on to say that Striim is focusing its NonStop roots to assist companies in maximizing their NonStop server capabilities by filtering mission-critical data in milliseconds, and pushing it back to NonStop for more informed business decisions.

“Striim helps companies leverage a wide variety of different types of streaming and operational data the instant it’s generated, before it lands on disk. From transaction/change data from Oracle, MySQL and HP NonStop, to log files, social streams, sensor data, and much more,” Sami Akbay.

As the demand for real-time solutions for mission-critical data rises, Striim is paving the way for NonStop users to modernize their data strategies.

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