How To Do Streaming Analytics – Interview with RTInsights

RTInsightslogo-wTagline272x96Striim founder and CTO, Steve Wilkes, chats with Adrian Bowles of RTInsights about the inspiration behind the Striim platform, how combining integration and intelligence provides instantaneous insights, and the importance of Change Data Capture (CDC) for real-time analytics on databases.

Steve explains, “We wanted to go from capturing the data, processing it, analyzing it, maybe delivering it somewhere else and then being able to visualize it and alert off it if there’s any issues. That was in 2012 and it was a fairly ambitious goal — to build this big end to end platform. Fast forward almost four years and we’ve built that platform. We can now source data from lots of different sources, not just change data capture from databases but also your log files, message buses, Kafka, IoT devices.”

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