insideBIGDATA Slidecast: Striim – Streaming Integration with Intelligence

Are you new to Striim and looking for an overview on who we are and what we do? Or maybe you’re familiar and would like a general update on Striim or learn more about some of the latest company/platform announcements? Either way, you’re in luck!

Striim co-founder and CTO Steve Wilkes joined the “Rich Report Podcast” to discuss a number of areas regarding Striim and the data management industry. Steve provided a great background on the Striim platform, particularly how it was built to help organizations collect, process, and analyze its data the moment it’s born.

Steve connected the capabilities of the platform to the growing need that companies have (and will have) in interacting with its data in real time. While storage is becoming more limited, RAM and CPU have dropped in price, making a stronger case for more organizations to adopt a modern data architecture.

Finally, this 30-minute slidecast provides detailed information to version 3.8 of the Striim platform, which enhances the scalability and ease-of-use of its streaming integration and SQL-based stream processing capabilities for Kafka, as well as expands cloud integration to key environments.

Watch the slidecast and/or download an MP3 version, “Striim – Streaming Integration with Intelligence,” to learn more!