eWeek: Linux Foundation Launches EdgeX Foundry for IoT Edge Interoperability

Striim has been recognized as a founding member of the EdgeX Foundry.

Led by the Linux Foundation, the EdgeX Foundry is an open source project to build a common open framework for Internet of Things (IoT) edge computing and an ecosystem of interoperable components that unifies the marketplace and accelerates enterprise and Industrial IoT.

Being able to process and analyze data the moment it’s born is becoming increasingly important to enterprise companies, and edge computing will continue to play a critical role in this. However, one of the main barriers in the adoption of edge computing in the IoT arena is the lack of communication between connected devices, applications and services. With IoT still considered an emerging technology, there has yet to be a standard developed for open communication.

Striim believes that, at its core, IoT is fundamentally an integration problem. The launch of EdgeX Foundry is a great first step in bringing together influential technology providers to enable interoperability in the IoT space. Enterprise companies, instead of being limited to only certain technologies that work within their architecture, will soon have the ability to choose best-in-class services and devices that work seamlessly in their environment, cutting down its implementation time to gain valuable data-driven insights.

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