Datanami: Embracing the Future – The Push for Data Modernization Today

We’re pleased to announce that Datanami published an article written by Striim CTO Steve Wilkes on the future of Data Modernization!

The post takes a hard look at today’s enterprise challenges, the current need for a modern data architecture and how we got here, and how a Streaming First architecture can help alleviate many of these issues. 

Technology is moving at such a fast pace that it’s overwhelming many business leaders in the enterprise. There are so many more challenges facing organizations today, such as dealing with disruptive technologies, high data volumes and velocity, changing regulatory requirements, etc., that it’s difficult to decide which technologies is most applicable for the business.

Business leaders need to weigh the pros and cons of spending IT dollars on updating their systems with the benefits of investing in innovation. There is always the potential for early adopters to disrupt their industry, taking away market share from other organizations.

Steve explains that, due to the drop in price for CPU and RAM, as well as the exponential growth in data that will far exceed our ability to store it all, collecting and analyzing data in real time will become necessary for organizations in the future.

Because of this, investing in a streaming first architecture is critical. By using Change Data Capture on legacy databases, enterprises will be able tor reap the benefits of a modern data architecture without ripping and replacing all of their current technologies. This is the first key step in Data Modernization.

To learn more about how the industry has shifted towards a Streaming First architecture and how organizations can begin to adopt it in a realistic timeframe, read Steve’s article, Embracing the Future – The Push for Data Modernization Today, on Datanami!