As part of its comprehensive revenue protection services, Verimatrix offers real-time anti-piracy monitoring and response. Striim is embedded into the Verimatrix platform to detect piracy cases and issue real-time alerts. With its in-memory, SQL-based streaming integration, processing, and analytics capabilities, Striim enables the Verimatrix platform to concurrently correlate multiple log files and perform pattern detection.

Using Striim, Verimatrix achieves the following:

  • Helps its customers minimize fraud via real-time verification that a person using a subscription service is the subscriber,
  • Boost its intelligence offering to end users with real-time analytics, visualization, and alerting capabilities,
  • Reduces development time and costs by avoiding to maintain multiple open source products to perform streaming analytics and visualization.

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About Verimatrix

Verimatrix specializes in content security for digital television services around the globe, providing pay television service protection technology and secure VOIP.  Over 900 operators work with Verimatrix in more than 110 countries.


Verimatrix is a global provider of security and analytics solutions that protect devices, services and applications across multiple markets. Many of the world’s largest service providers and leading innovators trust Verimatrix to protect systems that people depend on every day for mobile apps, entertainment, banking, healthcare, communications and transportation. Verimatrix offers easy-to-use software solutions, cloud services and silicon IP that provide unparalleled security and business intelligence. Proud to empower and protect its customers for more than two decades, Verimatrix serves IoT software developers, device makers, semiconductor manufacturers, service providers and content distributors.

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