Striim offers a modern data platform that proves to be high performance, low-cost FiveTran Alternative

Select from hundreds of templates to simplify building your data flows. A step-by-step wizard will lead you through the process of connecting to your source and target to create a data flow application. You can also create custom data flows from scratch.

4.0 wizards screenshot

Your data flow defines how to collect, process, and deliver data. The simplest data flow just has a source, a stream, and a target. In many cases you will need to perform some processing on your data. Striim enables you to set up continuous SQL queries optimized for streaming, real-time data.

Our built-in dashboards and monitoring enable you to see the state of your data flows in real-time and easily identify any bottlenecks. Striim can also validate that your data has been delivered and provide visibility into the end-to-end lag. This level of visibility is essential for mission-critical systems that may have SLAs regarding how current the data is.

You can also drill down on any of the components in a data flow to see detailed statistics that include read/write rate, lag, latency, CPU usage, and many other metrics. This detailed information can help identify any bottlenecks, and aids in tuning data flows for maximum performance and minimal latency.

Striim shows missing and long running transactions
Striim's alerting feature

Striim allows you to define SQL-based custom alerts so you can stay informed about the status and performance of your data flows.

In the case of errors, or failures, you can also automate workflows to perform corrective actions. By tapping into error or status streams you can trigger compensating data flows to start, or perform other actions to remediate problems.

Striim gives us a single source of truth across domains and speeds our time to market delivering a cohesive experience across different systems.

Neel Chinta, IT Manager at Macy's