Striim and Confluent complement each other and enable you to:

Write streaming SQL Queries on Kafka (3x faster than KSQL)

Stream data from databases with high-performance, ACID-compliant Change Data Capture

Build self-healing data pipelines

Fortune 500 companies power their cloud initiatives with Striim 

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“At UPS, we’re reshaping the shipping landscape by prioritizing lower premiums and improved convenience for our customers. Opting for high-confidence shipping addresses not only slashes costs but also assures customers of dependable and secure deliveries, empowering them to shop online with confidence and ease. Striim and Google Cloud have jointly enabled us to enhance the customer experience with AI and ML.”

Pinaki Mitra

VP of Data Science and Machine Learning at UPS Capital

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“Striim is a fully managed service that reduces our total cost of ownership while providing a simple drag and drop UI. There’s no maintenance overhead for American Airlines to maintain the infrastructure.”

Ganesh Deivarayan

Sr. Manager at American Airlines

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“Striim gives us a single source of truth across domains and speeds our time to market delivering a cohesive experience across different systems.”

Neel Chinta

IT Manager at Macy's

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“One of the most notable benefits we’ve experienced since integrating Striim into our operations has been the significant enhancement in how we communicate with our customers. The real-time updates on order status have not only improved transparency but also helped to reduce the number of customer service calls. This change has streamlined our operations, allowing us to allocate resources more efficiently and improve overall customer satisfaction.”

Oliver Meisch

Manager of Business Intelligence, Kramp

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“The choice to use Snowflake was part of our platform’s evolution. We needed Striim to complete the vision.”

Rajesh Raju

Director of Data Engineering

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“We have a significant software portfolio and the ability to tie that into modern ML use cases where we need to do that is important for us. We are a highly data-driven organization and the ability to tie in predictive models or propensity models is really critical to our strategy. The objective with Striim and CDC usage was to simplify pipelines and minimize latency for real-time decision support.”

Nick Alexander

Senior System Architect, Discovery Health

Striim + Confluent: Feature-by-Feature

Cloud-Scale Architecture

Both Striim and Confluent scale horizontally on in-memory compute with high availability and failover for maximum uptime.


Enables Hybrid-Cloud Use Cases

Both Striim and Confluent can be deployed on-premise and in the cloud.


Support for High Consistency Database Transactions

Striim is designed to maintain transaction integrity (i.e., ACID properties) during real-time data movement so the target database remains consistent with the source.


High-Performance, E1P Change Data Capture (CDC) from Databases

Striim supports high-performance, E1P log-based CDC for many popular databases including: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, HPE Nonstop, and SQL Server. E1P, high performance CDC is required for mission-critical workloads.

For CDC use cases, Confluent offers Debezium connectors for various databases (which does not support high-performance E1P CDC.)


Striim offers a modern data platform that's both powerful and easy to use

Simply Data Flows

Select from hundreds of templates to simplify building your data flows. A step-by-step wizard will lead you through the process of connecting to your source and target to create a data flow application. You can also create custom data flows from scratch.

4.0 wizards screenshot

Define and Optimize

Your data flow defines how to collect, process, and deliver data. The simplest data flow just has a source, a stream, and a target. In many cases you will need to perform some processing on your data. Striim enables you to set up continuous SQL queries optimized for streaming, real-time data.

Real-Time Visibility

Our built-in dashboards and monitoring enable you to see the state of your data flows in real-time and easily identify any bottlenecks. Striim can also validate that your data has been delivered and provide visibility into the end-to-end lag. This level of visibility is essential for mission-critical systems that may have SLAs regarding how current the data is.

Striim shows missing and long running transactions

Detailed Metrics for Maximum Performance

You can also drill down on any of the components in a data flow to see detailed statistics that include read/write rate, lag, latency, CPU usage, and many other metrics. This detailed information can help identify any bottlenecks, and aids in tuning data flows for maximum performance and minimal latency.

Automation & Custom Alerts

Striim allows you to define SQL-based custom alerts so you can stay informed about the status and performance of your data flows.

In the case of errors, or failures, you can also automate workflows to perform corrective actions. By tapping into error or status streams you can trigger compensating data flows to start, or perform other actions to remediate problems.

Striim's alerting feature

Helpful how-to guides

We've prepared a few articles to help you get started