Real-Time Data Ingestion – What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

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The integration and analysis of data from both on-premises and cloud environments give an organization a deeper understanding of the state of their business. Real-time data ingestion for analytical or transactional processing enables businesses to make timely operational decisions that are critical to the success of the organization – while the data is still current. real-time data ingestion diagram

Transactional and operational data contain valuable insights that drive informed and appropriate actions. Achieving visibility into business operations in real time allows organizations to identify and act on opportunities and address situations where improvements are needed. Real-time data ingestion to feed powerful analytics solutions demands the movement of high volumes of data from diverse sources without impacting source systems and with sub-second latency.

Using traditional batch methods to move the data introduces unwelcome delays. By the time the data is collected and delivered it is already out of date and cannot support real-time operational decision making. Real-time data ingestion is a critical step in the collection and delivery of volumes of high-velocity data – in a wide range of formats – in the timeframe necessary for organizations to optimize their value.

The Striim platform enables the continuous movement of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data – extracting it from a wide range of sources and delivering it to cloud and on-premises endpoints – in real time and available immediately to users and applications.

The Striim platform supports real-time data ingestion from sources including databases, log files, sensors, and message queues and delivery to targets that include Big Data, Cloud, Transactional Databases, Files, and Messaging Systems. Using non-intrusive Change Data Capture (CDC) Striim reads new database transactions from source databases’ transaction or redo logs and moves only the changed data without impacting the database workload.

Real-time data ingestion is critical to accessing data that delivers significant value to a business. With clear visibility into the organization, based on data that is current and comprehensive, organizations can make more informed operational decisions faster.

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